Why Terraria Coming to Consoles is a Good Thing

Pixels or Death's Mike "Scrimshaw" Potts takes a look at the good aspects of one of his favorite mine-simulating indie games coming to the masses in a whole new way -Terraria coming to consoles.

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Summons752082d ago

The only people who think it's a bad thing are selfish PC elitists who don't realize that multiplatform = bigger fan-base which turns into more money which goes to supporting the game. I love this game and can't wait to play with my friends.

Kamikaze1352082d ago

You probably never read too much as to why people are upset about it and are assuming things. It has nothing to do with being selfish. It has more to do with the lies and greed of the guy who developed Terraria.

maelstromb2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Hmm, reminds me Phil Fish, Fez's creator.

ZeroX98762082d ago

The author released his game, gave us some free updates and decided to move on to the next game, but people are still not happy?

it's freaking 10$ for so much hours of gameplay, adding content or not, it's worth the price.

He's not the one doing the console port, it's another dev, correct me if I'm wrong.

I had my fun with terraria and I'm gonna buy it back on console to enjoy it with my friends who never tried this since some of them don't like gaming on a pc at all.

StayStatic2081d ago

OH PLEASE , you know how many people got pissy when the new Dark Souls content got released on PC first , its no different here as the new content will drop eventually , but here you come white knighting with stereotypical nonsense.

Summons752081d ago

not really, Dark Souls complaints made sense. It was the second in the line that PS3 people supported. Demon Souls and then Dark Souls....then the PC people came out of nowhere and cried about how it was unfair they didn't get it. Then they get it (Great!) with new content (also great) then the developers turned around and told everyone who supported them since Demon Souls they need to pay 15 bucks at a later date to enjoy the new content, that's unfair. This Terraria content will, yes, eventually hit PC but it will be given for free like all the other content given. So there should be no reason to complain. I don't care who plays on what but crying about something that is good for the series stupid.

StayStatic2081d ago

Well it all boils down the gamer entitlement , you are only entitled to what's in the box when you buy the product , nothing more and nothing less.

Brand loyalty doesn't buy you extra entitlement on additional content such as the dark souls DLC.

Same thing happened with mass effect 2 on PS3 , gamers cried about it and eventually got it on the platform along with some additional content not available to the PC or Xbox 360 ; so are the two other platforms entitled to that content also ? , Absolutely not and is at the game developers digression.

Now an interesting point you brought up was that PC gamers will get it for free , well I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere but you have to remember it costs a lot more to publish a game on a console. Also it is a new franchise on consoles so some additional content to promote the product will help generate sales in the same way the pc version of dark souls was bundled with more content at launch.

Blastoise2082d ago

Looking forward to it :)

Devinchi332082d ago

It's like minecraft for the xbox. Nothing's wrong with it going to other platforms, but it will play infinitely beter on a PC.

Meep2081d ago

Why is everyone upset by this? I mean it was a great game well worth the asking price, and the content just kept coming. He just said that he wants to do something else, and he probably released the game on consoles to get extra cash. I don't see anything wrong with it. You cant expect someone who creates something stick with it for the rest of his life. Did people think that he was just gonna keep working on Terraria forever. I don't really see how it affects PC players in a negative way. I have Terraria and played it SOO much in a small time frame. In my opinion its better Mincraft. So why not share a great game with everyone? Why keep it to yourself? Only reason I see is to inflate ones own ego. If I am missing some part of the situation I would like to know.

3-4-52081d ago

This is going to allow the creator to put more money into his next game. So if you are a fan of this, regardless of platform it can only be a good thing, because then the dev gets to create something new for everyone.