THQ Talks Drawn To Life Wii, Frontlines Cancellation

In its conference call with investors to discuss THQ's holiday quarter sales, THQ president Brian Farrell has said that its 5th Cell developed DS platformer Drawn To Life is being prepped for a Wii release.

Asked to give some insight into the cancellation of the PlayStation 3 version of its forthcoming Frontlines, Farrell laughed that as other publishers have expressed, Unreal Engine 3 is "just not optimized for open world on PS3."

Work could have continued on the title, but it "would have been at least 60-90 days behind the lead SKUs," which THQ thought was "not good for branding, and not a good use for a talented team." The cancellation, he said was simply due to "the fact that the Unreal Engine didn't perform in an open world as we would have expected."

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wiizy3731d ago

wii is enjoying great support from thq...good to see

cooke153731d ago

hey should should be pretty cool!

Skerj3731d ago

Wow I want Drawn to Life, not sure if I should get the DS version or wait for the Wii. As far as Frontlines is concerned, kinda glad it got canned. The demo wasn't very assuring, and since it'd be trailing behind the other releases on the PS3 then it wouldn't have gotten the sales it needed. I just hope Epic have pushed down the copy of Unreal to the developers they used for UT3.