Ghost Recon Raven Strike DLC Walkthrough

The Raven Strike DLC is an homage to Ghost Recon fans with its large maps, challenging situations and non-linear paths, and it includes 3 new campaign missions, a new Guerrilla mode co-op map and more. Check out the walkthrough.

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thegamingadvisory211865d ago

its about time they went back to the old style

FanboyPunisher1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Wont fix future soilder with DLC,lol game failed badly.

Pretty linear too i
Guess three linear pathways are considered non linear.
Old graw you could go anywhere inside the map; kinda of like real life.

This one you cant.

thegamingadvisory211865d ago

It is apparent that you dont play. We can see that you just follow the guy in front of you instead of being tactical. the only major difference is the size of the map. Map was shorten to deal wit the cod fans they were trying to bring over

morganfell1864d ago

Agree with Fanboy. The only apparent thing is that a lot of these youngsters didn't play OGR.

Chay941860d ago

add me in ps3 ChayPapi for multiplayer