Leaked Memo Shows First Xbox 720 Image/Lists Features

Sick of half-baked Xbox 720 articles? Everyone at VGI is. So to combat this, we thought we'd show the rest of journalism just how silly it is.

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Emilio_Estevez2080d ago

Wonder if people will actually read past the headline to see that this is funny.

iamnsuperman2080d ago

I did come to the article thing "O here we go again" but I was pleasantly surprised

guitarded772080d ago

Not me... if it's an obvious hit grabbing title, I check out the comments section here on n4g before giving a hit to a site. Funny or not, it's the same technique for both.

blitz06232080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

"With the success of HD DVD"
"No Overheating. Should you become overheated, there's even a fan to cool you down"
"Yellow Ring - tested on 500 people, 97% says it is more soothing than the red ring"


Gaming1012080d ago

LOL this was golden, just pure gold. Lord knows most 360 gamers get sweaty sitting there eating cheetos and drinking mountain dew, breathing heavily while they sit there for hours on end lmao
Hit the gym fat a$$.

irepbtown2080d ago

''No less than twenty-six USB ports...''

''Over seventy Ethernet ports to help boost user internet speed''

This is absolutely Hilarious!!!
I cant stop hahaha!!!!

Irishguy952080d ago

Gaming101 reminiscing on his playthrough of Halo earlier

SolidStoner2080d ago

It seems I dont have to "read full story" :)

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VGI2080d ago

I did consider having a more fitting title (and probably should have) but ended up going with the current one seeing as it kind helps prove the stupidity of attention grabbing headlines.

Or at least that's what I hope it does ...

ZoyosJD2080d ago

I'm glad that you took the time to ensure that the description gave it away as fake, but I could have really went on without it.

While the article was slightly funny, it's just not worth it since you were trying to prove a point using certain tactics, and FURTHER PROVING THAT THEY WORK(even after practically stating everything is fake in the description).

If you really wanted to be honorable and show you really are tired of the hit grabbing, you should have posted a blog here on ng4.

But sir, you have become a hypocrite with this very piece, not because of intent, but execution.

*slams door*

ZoyosJD2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Forgot my coat (double post).

Good day!
*slams door again*

Redgehammer2080d ago

Nice work, way to channel your inner Douglas Adams.

dubal-e2080d ago

Nah it was funny man. Its no worse then the articles that people actually consider news on here sometimes. I laughted and its fun to laugh a little every now and then.

deep_fried_bum_cake2080d ago

I think that is really stupid reasoning as it just seems like you're looking for hits. But even so, it was funny, so you deserve the hits.

XB1_PS42080d ago

This sure did catch a lot of hits!!

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Ares84HU2080d ago

What do you mean??? This must be real man!!! I mean, you can plug it into your body !!!! :D

Getowned2080d ago

"I mean, you can plug it into your body"

I don't like where this is going :S

M-M2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

@Emilio_Estevez, Yes.

camel_toad2080d ago

I enjoyed the poke "following the success of hd-dvd" :)

Abdou232080d ago

Of all the leakages this is the worst.

thorstein2080d ago

And it isn't even April 1st!

NonApplicable2080d ago

I don't care how satirical the article is. The whole premise is based off of false advertising. This hypocritical website points out flaws in journalism, yet transparently employs the same techniques.

Blaze9292079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

nothing, about this article was funny to me. Just sounded like someone was sour and did the exact thing he complained other websites of doing: wasted my time.

Everyone who says it's funny, doesn't really say how and just sounds like they are friends or work with the website and posted a comment they dont believe.

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Sev2080d ago

Really, I didn't think it was funny at all. Funny idea, maybe, but poorly executed.

dennett3162080d ago

Not obvious enough it seems...have you seen some of the comments on the story when you click on it?

Hayabusa 1172080d ago

@dennett3316: Better to assume some really witty people are being ultra-sarcastic and maintain faith in the human race.

tehpees32080d ago

LOL! Good laugh from that. And yes I'm sure its 1000% real ;)

Chitown712912080d ago

"With the success of HD-DVD" LMAOOOO