Konami's TGS 2012 lineup include Metal Gear Rising, Zone of the Enders and more

Konami Digital Entertainment has revealed their full TGS 2012 lineup, which includes Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Zone of the Enders HD Collection and more.

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DivineAssault 2285d ago

Show some Castlevania gameplay!

DA_SHREDDER2285d ago

Hush your mouth before I turn you into turtle soup! We want a new ZOE, or at least online for the HD collection, not a GOW clone that doesn't live up to even its NES ties.

knifefight2285d ago

*Grabs April O'Neal and flees before things get ugly*

DivineAssault 2285d ago

Tonight u dine on turtle $hyt... LOS gameplay will be shown before any online is shown for ZOE.. LOS was a great game. Yes it stole from GOW, Uncharted, Shadow of colossus but it was the best 3D one ever made.. LOS 2 has Alucard too so no thanks.. Rather have a new game than HD remakes.. A new ZOE would be cool

Hicken2285d ago

I really wanna hear news on a new ZoE, and the HD collection's status for Vita. I suck at MGS(not very good at being sneaky), but it's one of the biggest franchises in gaming, so news on it would always be welcome.

I wanna see Alucard in Castlevania. That's all I really care about there.

himdeel2285d ago

Wish Vita ZoE would be released this year

zerocrossing2285d ago

If the HD Z.O.E sells well I can definately see a 3rd one being made :)

god_o_war2285d ago

My Vita is ready for ZOE so ready its why sony made the Vita

MrMister2285d ago

Yeah folks of this ADHD-ridden generation tend to be too inpatient to not run out in the open and get shot. Pretty lame, no?

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Kyosuke_Sanada2285d ago

For a second, just a brief second.................I was hoping for Rumble Roses 3.

eben_foo2285d ago

@knifefight thats pretty damn hilarious..i knew i wasnt the only one who picked up on that.

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