Bungie's next game 'totally different' from Halo

In its latest podcast, Halo developer Bungie has revealed that its next game will be "something totally different" from what the developer's fans know the studio for.

Speaking on the podcast with content manager Frank O'Connor, lead designer Christian Allen and writer Luke Smith, Brian Jarrard, director of franchise and community affairs revealed that from what he's seen of the new, super-secret game, it's "pretty cool".

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Lord Anubis3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

You beat me by a few seconds!


doshey3758d ago

Your right it will be something totally different it will be lalo where you play as master chief and kill aliens(nothing like halo), but in the end...well no one makes it to the end cause you get rrod haha

LastDance3758d ago

Yeah Haha bungie arent good game developers. No imagination no creative thinking. No buys from me. Oh Except the HOmYGOD LIKE fulLy Wicked matchmaking system that is aboslutly Amazing HOMYGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD .

They are pioneers.

Wheres my next Naughty dog game.

heyheyhey3758d ago

cool lets see what kind of games Bungie can make for the PS3 now too- although i doubt Bungie will ever make something as iconic as Halo again- they got lucky with Halo, it got noticed well cause it was prety much the only Xbox 1 exclusive (in the beggining) and it revolutionized online gaming- however the franchise has been going downhill ever since mostly because the sequels are way to similar to the outstanding original and provide little thats new

but Bungie are obviously talented devs- lets see what they can come up with

Panthers3758d ago

Doubt we will see anything PS3 wise from this dev anytime soon.

etownone3758d ago

you do know that halo 2 was the most online played ever for a console game, and Halo 3 is still #1 on xbox live right?

its obvious your a sonyfan, and judging by the sales of the last MGS and FF games, i can say those franchises have been going downhill.

mikeslemonade3758d ago

Halo 3's success came from Halo 1 and Halo 2. COD4 is arguably better than Halo 3, so this new game they're bringing out won't sell as much because if it doesn't have the name Halo on it. Besides what else have they done besides shooters? Halo Wars isn't out yet.

TheSadTruth3758d ago

Marathon (Shooter Mac)
Myth I - III (RTS PC)
Oni (PS2)

They are extremely talented developers.. I'm not sure why Halo 3 wasn't that great this time around but whatever they do next I'm confident will be amazing. I can't imagine them going into RTS at this time around since they aren't going to be competing with their own franchise developed by another studio.. so who knows what they will do.

wAtdaFck3758d ago

Halo Wars is being developed by Ensemble Studios, the makers of the Age of Empires series, so I bet it will be a killer RTS.

However, I never really gave a shat about Halo :/

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va_bank3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

...because it will be called "Hola" and Master Chief will be wearing a sombrero.

thedude176553758d ago

its something with a GOOD story, and not a multiplayer game with a secondary single player story.

wageslave3757d ago

The Halo Game Universe -- "The Story -- is rich and very well concieved. The game was revered for its story, there have been books written set in this universe.

The games were praised for the story. If you've played the Halo Series, you would know this.

Perhaps its not your favorite genre; maybe you like Westerns? But no one can claim that Halo isnt a great story (as well as one of the best series of games in history).

LJWooly3757d ago

I don't know, Wageslave. Halo seemed pretty much the generic 'humans vs. aliens' storyline to me, with a few twists, such as a ring-shaped world, etc.
The game's setting suits it perfectly, though. Halo isn't a very original game, but originality doesn't necessarily make a game good.

If I was to praise the Halo series for something, it wouldn't be the storry, but the execution is great.

That said, I have to admit Halo 3, in my opinion, didn't really live up to the standards that Halo 1 & 2 set.

SeanScythe3757d ago

MGS has more story to it and each FF game has more story in just one of their game then all three halos mixed together.