What I Would Like to See in a PS All-Stars Collector’s Edition

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is shaping up to be Sony’s biggest launch this year. The game – if players don’t already know – puts more than twenty of Sony’s PlayStation icons and has them beat each other to the death, a la super moves. The game’s stages are unique in which they blend two titles together, such as the Stowaways stage which blends elements of Uncharted and Bioshock Infinite together. That’s enough about the game, let’s get into the main point of the article – the kind of features one would expect in a Collector’s Edition.

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iXenon1921d ago

How bout some bookends? No?

prototypeknuckles1921d ago

sounds cool but i doubt it will have this seeing as this is the first in a potential series

GribbleGrunger1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

You know, there has been SO many of these articles that absolutely no one is ever going to be satisfied with this game.

Lucreto1921d ago

It's a pity Sony said there will be no collector edition for this.

Darth Stewie1921d ago

Thats a shame because this is one game where a ton of gamers would buy a collectors edition for.

dboi7871921d ago

I didn't even know the already said there isn't gonna be a Collector's Edition. Real upsetting.

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