Guild Wars 2 IGN Review

ArenaNet has built one of the most exhaustively detailed and rewarding MMOs in existence, one that never unfairly penalizes and fosters an incredible urge to explore through a generous reward system and achingly pretty environment design. It’s a virtual world that more than anything wants you to work together with others, and provides a huge number of possibilities for cooperation while minimizing restrictions. For those disappointed in the lack of open world PvP, the World versus World alternative is a fascinating, complex system that demands teamwork, and the arena PvP modes should provide an instant-fix for those who thrive on fast, adrenaline-fueled combat. Whether you’re looking for competitive play, want to be told a story or simply want to go for a walk through fantastic countryside, Guild Wars 2 lets you do it all with a minimal amount of arbitrary, irritating limitations, and all without a subscription fee.

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DaThreats2082d ago

Best MMO in the market
Enough said
Go Buy it

bigrob1232082d ago

awesome mmo goty for me

_LarZen_2082d ago

Finaly a mmo that is great!

coolbeans2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Although I might risk losing my head, I thought SWTOR was a great MMO. But I can agree GW2 looks like it reaches that level of quality an MMO has reached for quite some time: exemplary (maybe excellent) status.

GamerToons2082d ago

SWTOR was an ok MMO. It really is a reskinned WoW clone but it is a decent game. It's not really fun after you hit a point the whole game is a chore.

GW2 hasn't felt like a chore yet and I already have more hours in it then I did SWTOR.

People that just like good games should give GW2 a shot.

Scenarist2082d ago

this is the only thing ive been playing lately..
i just bought it recently so im only lvl 33

im having a good time

Farsendor12082d ago

i didn't like old republic much at all it just felt like no one wanted to work with each other.