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Does Anyone Care About Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII?

Lightning is returning (see what we did there?) for the last time, in the the closing chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII saga. As such, Dusty Cartridge has brought together its two biggest Final Fantasy fans to see what they think of the upcoming title. Is Lightning Returns at all necessary? Will it be successful? Read on to find out! (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

Snookies12  +   868d ago
For me? Not really... I'd much rather they just move on already.
GrieverSoul  +   868d ago
Me neither!
FFXIII was a bland game... Not much Final Fantasy in it. Never even touched XIII-2.

Still, I might get the full trilogy pack with all the DLC later down the road for a bargain price in 1 one year. Just for the FF collector factor.
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Ranma1  +   868d ago
FF series went downhill after FF10, and it keeps on going.

Yoichi Wada shoukd f*** himself
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Lovable  +   868d ago
I already pre order the game. Can't frigging wait!
Lucretia  +   868d ago
I cant wait for it either. I want versus more, but the ending in 13-2 was so insane that it needs to be concluded.

its dumb how people disagree with you for liking a game, yet they all play call of duty rehashes every year
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   868d ago
So you're paying for an extra game because Square didn't give you a proper ending in XIII-2?

That sucks sounds like Squeenix know what they're doing when it comes to making money out of fans.
Baka-akaB  +   868d ago
stop playing dumb , he didnt say it that way .

he said it more like a fan of a serie given a cliffhanger and WANTING for more .
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DemonsSoulsUK  +   868d ago
I wouldn't say Harry is "playing dumb" because Square has people duped into this trilogy.

It's no secret that XIII-2's ending was made purely the way it was so they could make a 3rd game for the moneys.
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DragonKnight  +   868d ago
Way to generalize Lucretia. I'm as big a Final Fantasy fan as anyone who owns all the main series (minus FFXI since an online FF is not FF) has played some of the best spinoffs (FFTactics for the win) and the worst spin off (FF Mystic Quest FTL), I don't play CoD because I'm not a fan of any shooters and I think XIII, XIII-2, and most definitely XIII-3 are the worst things to happen to the franchise. In terms of the worst games, Lightning's unnecessarily long saga surpasses FFII (the real one) and Mystic Quest in being the absolute worst Final Fantasy games ever made.

SE knew what they were doing with FFXIII-2's ending. They told everyone that the DLC and the book would give you the closure that you wanted but fans wanted an ending they could see and play so the small percentage of sadists that loved being punished by awful games asked for more. Rather than listening to the overwhelming majority of people that wanted NEW FFVersus XIII info (read: not that year old trailer you keep linking), SE decided that the minority were right since they knew they could milk more money off people with poor taste in games and they created this new turd. This is so far removed from Final Fantasy that you're only playing as ONE character. There has NEVER been an FF game where you play as only one character. And you're excited for this?

Well it's your choice/opinion, but it's telling about the taste in games that anyone who likes this milking has.
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abzdine  +   868d ago
NO.. period!
dont even know what it is
MattyG  +   868d ago
Oh well then your opinion is very valid.
abzdine  +   868d ago
i dont wanna know what that game is about. instead of focusing efforts on versus 13 they make other pointless games.

guess it was hard for you to understand ? i didnt think i had to explain but now i did.
Alos88  +   868d ago
I'm intriqued, but what I really want is more info on Versus.
listenkids  +   868d ago
hadouken182  +   868d ago
I care about playing all entries in the series but if I get it I'm getting it used because buying supports squares ridiculous assumption that's ok to give us games we don't want because we'll buy it anyway
doogiebear  +   868d ago
Hell no. Still waiting for Persona 5. persona series will be the new king of JRPG's (Currently, Persona 3 and 4 are among the highest rated games on Metacritic (Rpg or otherwise), and it's for a damned good reason)
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Baka-akaB  +   868d ago
Every time people try to pretend there arent fans and people expecting more , a new sequel and its decent sales figures appears .

Get over it and move on already
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r21  +   868d ago
i for one dont care bout Lightning and her game. Just give me FFvs13.
doogiebear  +   868d ago
I'm sad for those awaiting FFvs13. There's little evidence that it will ever come out, PLUS it would STILL be coming from the same people that have been making crap games like FF 13, 13-2, Lightning returns, and FF 14.

There's very little reason for me to expect that Sqeenix won't mess FFvs13 up too (assuming it ever comes out)
r21  +   868d ago
Hopefully it isnt such a case, seeing as Tetsuya Nomura is leading the project.
J@D  +   868d ago
Not much to be honest. I would care when the game hit a bargain price so I can afford it like I did with FFXIII-2. Like their said:

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
Khynerius  +   868d ago
I don't really care to be honest! Final Fantasy XII has been my first FF and dissapointed me very much: cheesy characters/limited gameplay/zero originality (more of the same stuff). The game didn't work on many levels, instead of thinking of something new, they try too hard to make "Lightning" an iconic character, another "great" videogame series ruined, poor fanbase.
josephayal  +   868d ago
Hell YES
LIGHTING is the Best FF Character of all time
doogiebear  +   868d ago
You really need to put down that crack pipe man.
Yangus  +   868d ago
Yes,maybe its a good game.
FFXIII medicore(not visuals),but this new concept interesting.

"The Novus world has four continents,two natural and two city-type.."

I wait this game and more information.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   868d ago
I need closure after XIII-2.
Tarvitz  +   868d ago
First Final Fantasy XIII made me utterly apathetic to her and all characters barring Sazh. So no, learning Lightning's eventual doesn't interest me in the slightest.
vork77  +   868d ago
the gameplay of XIII-3 need to be more classic like FF 7 and 8
darkpower  +   868d ago
Didn't play the second game yet. Want to, but haven't gotten to it yet, so the third one doesn't intrigue me yet. However, once I play the second one, I can give a better judgment of such an announcement.
LAWSON72  +   868d ago
Yes I want it and many others believe it or not
Muigi  +   868d ago
How do I sum it up in one word?...NO!
-Gespenst-  +   868d ago
I sure do, it sounds pretty awesome so far.
Hicken  +   868d ago
That's the thing: it sounds excellent. It sounds like it won't be that far off, gameplay-wise, from Versus or Crisis Core(the former is eagerly awaited, the latter is well-loved). Yet, simply because it's "XIII-3," people are eager to say it's gonna suck.

It's really pretty sad.
TheLyonKing  +   868d ago
square sent out a memo to 5 people in the office and two said they wern't too fussed on more 13 games so square think half the worlds population want this more than versus!

Good research team at Square ;)
YoungPlex  +   868d ago
NO! I want verses or a new FF! I honestly can't stand the characters in the XIII series. FF:III-(US SNES version), VII, VIII, X, and XII, had some really interesting characters and the stories were bar-non, some of the best in the series. What does everyone think? Should Square make a -2 for any of those mentioned above?
Urbz7870  +   868d ago
I'll make my judgement when I see gameplay.
Enigma_2099  +   868d ago
Sazh reduced to DLC, while Hope's made a prominent character?

Yeah, this game can go straight to hell.
silkrevolver  +   868d ago
I have interest.
Mostly in the new battle system.
Story? Not so much.
TheColbertinator  +   868d ago
No.I rather play Versus.
izumo_lee  +   868d ago
It may be good it may not be. Either way i do not agree with the direction that this part of the series is headed.

The idea of not having other party members if true just does not scream Final Fantasy. The idea of dealing with a 'deadline' before the end of the game is not Final Fantasy. Are they trying to be the Atelier series with this idea? Everything i have read about this game is NOTHING like Final Fantasy & that is upsetting for someone who has followed the series since its inception.
ForRealz17  +   868d ago
Yes. It's Final Fantasy!

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