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For loyal Tekkenites who’ve patiently waited for Katsuhiro Harada’s opus since Tekken Hybrid’s tantalizing trial, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is certain to delight. Although detractors may bemoan the relative lack of new content, they’d be missing the point. TTT2 is pure celebration, offering up a cornucopia of content, with nearly every mode and character from the franchise’s eighteen-year legacy.

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JRPGLuva2051d ago

When I first plated Tekken, I thought it was the cheesiest game I ever saw. Glad to see/know its matured and stayed with us.

madmad2051d ago

I've always been a Tekken fan. I hear the creator of MK said it was his favorite fighting game.

RaptorMan2051d ago

Glad to see they're not nickel and diming players and giving a full 50 character roster out of the box.

sharpsword2051d ago

You did heat they found characters on the disk right? I think some stores had exclusive DLC.

Magic_Spatula2051d ago

That's fine since they aren't charging us to unlock them when the time comes unlike some other company.

Baka-akaB2051d ago

you realise those characters if dlc will be free ?

CharmingMan2051d ago

Pretty good review. The Federation app/page sounds pretty cool.