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Before GTA V: 50 Reasons Why GTA San Andreas Is Greatest Game Of All Time

WC - The world of video games is possibly one of the most hotly debated and fruitlessly argued over when it comes to quality; whether it’s PC gamers’ 500 foot high horse of ‘superior graphics’ or console gamers’ fruitless Battlefield vs Call of Duty debate which PC gamers laugh off from their thrones of self-imposed superiority: the debate is constantly raging.

Whilst more interested people may spend their time debating the nuance’s of a games particular graphic design; I trouble myself with fun, story and general enjoyment when it comes to prioritising my gaming favourites: which brings us to San Andreas. (Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360)

markoghc  +   668d ago
I guess 'Top 5' and 'Top 10' articles just aren't good enough for some people.
AntoineDcoolette  +   668d ago
Come on, its San Andreas, we could easily make a 500 reasons list.
markoghc  +   667d ago
I really liked San Andreas as well, but these 'Top <insert number here>' articles are getting out of hand. On the positive side, at least they didn't make separate page for each of the 50 reasons.
Cajun Chicken  +   668d ago
Scale, ambition.
oldfriend86  +   668d ago
Though I enjoyed SA, I wouldn't call it the greatest game of all time.
DaReapa  +   668d ago
Agreed. I, personally, can call it the greatest game of the GTA series, but saying "of all time" is a stretch - even though it's among the greats. Heck, there are just too many games to chose from to even proclaim the all time greatest.
DasTier  +   668d ago
I wouldn't even go that far. For me they are yet to top Vice City.
Captain Qwark 9  +   668d ago
i agree with you. def not the greatest game ever, likely in my top 30 though. i do however feel it was the best gta though. i didnt care for the top down ones, loved 3, didnt like vice, loved SA, didnt like 4. judging from the pattern, i will love 5.

once they set the bar with SA and incorporated all the rpg elements and all the extra stuff to do, gta4 just seemed so small, like a step back to me since they cut so much out. there was nothing to do besides the story.

oh and i liked being black, not that often do you get to be a snoop dog like black man
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StrongMan  +   668d ago
Uncharted 2 is the greatest game of all time.
raWfodog  +   668d ago
There are too many games and too many different gamer preferences to arbitrarily proclaim any game the 'greatest game of all time', other than in an opinion piece like this.

Even being based on opinion, however, I think it would have been more reasonable to declare it the "best GTA game so far" or something like that.
MrAnderson  +   668d ago
No...it really isn't...
GTRrocker666  +   668d ago
(Looks at title...) HAHAHAHAHHAHA
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Shane Kim  +   668d ago
Metal Gear Solid series are the best (I'll pick MGS 1 just because it's one game only).

IMO, Vice City is still the best GTA with SA being the weakest one yet, even worse than GTA London.
DoomeDx  +   668d ago
What has MGS got to do with this?
MysticStrummer  +   668d ago
Why the confusion? He's saying one of the MGS games is the greatest game of all time instead of one of the GTAs. It's not tough to understand, though I disagree with him. MGS3 is the best of that series in my opinion, though I haven't played Peace Walker.
AntoineDcoolette  +   668d ago
Judging by your comment you must be as stoned as you look in that picture.
MxRBrobaFett  +   668d ago
DasTier  +   668d ago
I agree about Vice City being the greatest GTA, but the MGS series? No way man, that's like one of the most overrated franchises of all time.
Deadpool616  +   668d ago
Greatest game of all time? Did Kayne West write this article? It's a good game, but the greatest game of all time won't be known until the final game is made. So time will be a factor in that decision.

Which is why I need to finish making that flux capacitor. >:\
goldwyncq  +   668d ago
But it is the greatest open-world game of all time.
goldwyncq  +   668d ago
Disagree if you must but it's the one game that revolutionized sandbox games and catapulted it to popularity.
MysticStrummer  +   668d ago
I'm so glad I changed my N4G bookmark to go right to the news section. It's sad how many of the articles on this site are worthless opinion pieces like this.
TheTimeDoctor  +   668d ago
vice city was much better than SA
CcreapMurda310  +   667d ago
The scale of san andreas and just how much shit you could do makes it the best game in the gta series. Best game ever made? Don't know about that.

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