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TerminalGamer1863d ago

since I've had to delete old games to make room for new, this is a plus.

FamilyGuy1862d ago

For something so small this update seemed to take forever. It downloaded and installed slow af for me, but maybe I'm being delusional, i dont usually sit there starring and waiting for it to finish like i did this time :/

Still, I'm thinking there must be some hidden additional features.

NyGiants71862d ago

Downloaded in like 5 min for me

Krimmson1862d ago

"this is a plus."
I see what you did there.

Tsar4ever011862d ago

I installed 4.25 this morning. And the update installed successfully. But NOW I'm having problems log-in into HOME, I even deleted it and reinstalled it. Still, can't log-in. Anybody else hear having these probs?

ftwrthtx1863d ago

Currently the 1GB of space isn't there. Still sitting at 150mb

morganfell1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

It's working correctly. Your PS3 was reading the old allocation it had stored in temp memory. As soon as you click on the Online Storage one time, it reads the new allocation and updates the PS3.

WildArmed1862d ago

Does it have an option to upload all your saves now? Or do I still have to pick all of them one by one?

room4141862d ago

you can upload all or check off any you want to upload at one time

WildArmed1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )


Thanks for the info! :)

+bubs for being helpful

abzdine1862d ago

if only it was possible to upload other things than saves..

KrimsonKody1862d ago

...eeeew, you so nasty!

No, but really, I guess it would be cool if you could upload downloaded games & stuff that you download from the PSN store.
But then, that would defeat the purpose of you being able to re-download from the PSN store.

I think a cloud for saves is the best reasonable purpose, because we put in so much time, work & gameplay into our games, we would want to keep our game saves.

SolidStoner1862d ago

how about personal pictures or some files? That could be useful for people without a PC...

JAMurida1862d ago


Just get a USB/External HDD to back it up on.

SolidStoner1862d ago

That's how I'm doing it, besides I use PC mainly for internet, work and for storage :) my ps3 is all about gaming :)

sdplisken1862d ago

YES! PS PLATINUM: 100 terabyte of whatever-the-hell-you-want space!!!

bring it! my shitty pc my die at any minute!

dont wanna lose my 100gb+ of XXX

199935681862d ago

Download Links?!
Just turn on your PS3 and go to "Software Update".

ftwrthtx1862d ago

There are a bunch of people who don't have their PS3's online.

JackBNimble1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

well then there is no need for this update if your ps3 isn't online. After all ,you need ps+ and you need to be online to us the 1GB to save.

ftwrthtx1862d ago

Good point Jack. People still want the latest updates though.

calis1861d ago

took me less than a minute to download the update at work.

Would take about 20 minutes at home.

Bloodraid1862d ago

Still not sure why they needed a firmware update for this? All it does is increase the storage size on their servers.

nevin11862d ago

Its a waste of time for those of us who don't have PS+

mochachino1862d ago

I know, it's so annoying. I bought NHL13 yesterday and instead of being able to pop in an play I had to sit through another prolonged PS3 system update.

Silly Mammo1862d ago

Talk about a 1st world problem.

iamnsuperman1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

How long did it take you? Took me no time at all

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I know right? [sarcasm] It's bullsh!t! [sarcasm] I come home from a hard day at work at blockbuster, and i want to play. [sarcasm] Yet i'm greeted at the door by an 8 minute firmware update. [sarcasm] 8 MINUTES. I don't have 8 minutes to spare
Sony -_______-" [sarcasm] Please no more firmware updates. DO NOT make Psn more enjoyable. [sarcasm] DO NOT make Psn safer. DO NOT make the xmb easier to use. [sarcasm] I simply don't the resources to spare those 8 freaking minutes every 2-3 months. [sarcasm] Thnx :b

lol practically has sarcasm written all over it.

Dee_911862d ago

I hear ya mochachino.
I just bought madden 13 the other day.And instead of just playing the game I had to sit through yet another prolonged loading screen.I was so close to ending it all right there on the spot, it was frusrating

mochachino1861d ago

Well compared to 360, it probably takes 20x longer to update the console and had far more updates. I actually, had 2 in 2 days and in terms of features, very little has been introduced that I care about (group chat).

Sony fanboys defend PS3 at any cost eh,

nothing can be improved [sarcasm]

I have both consoles and as impossible it is to believe, there are somethings MS does quite a bit better than Sony.

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madpuppy1862d ago

Denpa is great, I wonder of they will ever release the third one?

Bloodraid1860d ago

You know, I just realized that was a response to me, haha. I haven't watched the first two episode since they were first released, so the title wasn't terribly fresh in my mind.

But yeah, it was pretty good, and reminded me a bit of Higurashi. Unfortunately, I think the company that was making them went belly up and stopped producing the series. So as far as I know, pretty sure there's never going to be a third.

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