Sony's Products Performance Sales

Yes it is true, from sonys offical numbers the ps3 is at 10.5 million ps3. The link shows the numbers as well as ps2 and psp with many other sony products.

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fresco3517d ago

i'd think most people are concerned with how many consoles were bought by consumers not sold to retailers.

Mr_Kuwabara3517d ago

"*Beginning from Q1FY07, the method of reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales."

shine13963517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

They lowered expectations from 11 million to 9.5 million.

Edit: had a closer look at the numbers. its a collective of 5 quarters. Two are production shipments, 3 are recorded sales. not really a good way to collect data.

gamesR4fun3517d ago

so they shipped 4.9 million around xmas? Not bad really wish we had q4 data....

antoinetm3517d ago

maybe its 10.5 life time.

and 9.5 for 2007 (fiscal year ending in march)

crck3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

its 10.5 mil lifetime sales. They expect to ship 9.5 mil units in the fiscal year which began April 1st 2k7 and ends on March 31th 2k8.

Fat Bastard3517d ago

I just went to and it still has the PS3 at only 9.75 million. If I'm correct, thats nearly a million off, which is 10%. This is Sony's website, so I'd say the numbers are pretty reliable. So much for vgchartz being reliable...

calis3516d ago

There is pretty much no way in the world VGChartz or any other site can accurately predict the sales of consoles/software.

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MrWonderful3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Chuck prepares for the upcoming flamewar to start.

edit: if this is true than M$ better watch out

Lord Anubis3517d ago

they better watch out, they better watch out Santa Claus is coming to town...oops wrong thread.

Iamback3517d ago

I would like to know, how much they sold in each teritory

The Wood3517d ago

non stop fud pounding since e3 last year. Still a few things to iron out but dismiss the ps brand at your own peril

Bathyj3517d ago

I dont mean to correct you but Sony has been copping FUD and bad media for about 3 years, not just since E3.

I can remember all the fanboys saying it wouldn't even survive its own launch, and tossers like Gabe Newel saying they should just start again and drop their hardware like M$ does.

BAH. Armchair experts. Hows that humble pie taste now?

The Wood3517d ago

sony has been crushing the fud since e3