OXM US Review Devil May Cry 4

OXM US writes:

"Sometimes it seems as if developers don't know what's fun and what's not. That's about the only conclusion that can be drawn from Devil May Cry 4, a game that hits some amazing highs and some absolutely criminal lows. It's as if the team behind the game lost the plot, mucking up pulse-pounding combat with some of the most tedious moments imaginable."

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BloodySinner3729d ago

Personally, I would have given this title an 8. Nothing more, nothing less.

Kuest3729d ago

but ultimately one has to take into account DMC's hideous dialog; possibly the worst script in the history of entertainment (not including Soul Plane). To be honest, I really enjoyed the gameplay demo, but couldn't bring myself to complete it due to those annoying one liners.

"Well, I better get out before the calvary arrives".

No capcom, bad studio... Very bad.

jackdoe3728d ago

Harsh as hell. Jeez...

BLUR1113728d ago

well i pre ordered it so i hope its good, im sure it is and 7.5 wtf... thats stupid.

Bnet3433728d ago

You're WTFing a 7.5 but you haven't played the game yet.

Bnet3433728d ago

I'd give it a 7.0. Guys, this game isn't that great. People dismiss a low score because of the name of the game. Seriously, this game gets old fast.

ceedubya93728d ago

7.5 is too low. An 8 would be about right. I mean, seriously, does he expect Capcom to really change the core gameplay that much? Change isn't always good. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I think that Capcom didn't want to take any chances with this game, and really wanted to keep the core fanbase happy this time and not screw the game up like they did with DMC2