Mega Man creator has zombie game named “YAIBA” in the works

This week's issue of Famitsu reveals that Inafune is making a zombie game titled "YAIBA".

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-Mika-2205d ago

Sigh... Another zombie game. I like his games but he seriously needs to think of something else.

AnotherProGamer2205d ago

sigh... another miltary shooter, sci fi shooter, medieval RPG.

Whats your point?

ZoyosJD2205d ago

Needs more epic-scale futuristic fantasy/steam-punk survival/horror.

WeskerChildReborned2205d ago

What's wrong with Zombie games? I'm hoping for a zombie game similar to State of Decay and DayZ to be released for PS3 and 360.

mafiahajeri2205d ago

I cant have enough of zombie games.. no that wasnt sarcasm :P

Anway there hasnt been any stellar ones in the past so whats your point? Its not like weve received the best of zombie games this gen! Heck! Im pretty sure you hardly have any zombie games in your collection! Sowhats the problem? Unless you follow games more than play them? Maybe thats why your sick of hearing of them!

Godmars2902205d ago

Not to insult, but what are the chances a Japanese dev is going to come up with the open world survival/never enough ammo world that the genre needs?

ChocolateGiddyUp2205d ago

This is the guy who made Dead Rising, so he should be alright

Godmars2902205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Sorry, but you're example is invalid by the evidence of its own existence.

Or to put it another way: lawnmowers w/chainsaw fenders.

Apparently the DayZ guys want to put it on the Xbox at least.

ChocolateGiddyUp2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Well, Dead Rising IS a Japanese open world survival/never enough ammo game. I guess it's not what you want tonally, but the dude obviously knows zombies.

This should be pretty interesting.

IWentBrokeForGaming2205d ago

Just saying but isn't The Last of Us, pretty much what you're asking for? although not Japanese!

ExitToExisT2205d ago

so he left capcom in order to make another zombie game? interesting..

mafiahajeri2205d ago

Its not like Capcom were broadening their gaming horizons with stellar itellectual IPS!

Kyosuke_Sanada2205d ago

Easter Egg: An undead Volnutt look-alike eating an obese mascot for the town nicknamed "Laser Guy". The protagonist walks in causing the zombie to break through a wall to escape. He or she then looks at the corpse left behind with the words "Legends" written with his fingertips on the ground then shouts "Oh my GAWD! He's drawn so badly!!!!!"......

Legends Never Die Trophy/Achievement Unlocked......

DivineAssault 2205d ago

Oh well.. As long as Soul Sacrifice is coming, im happy..