Judge Dredd vs Zombies Review by Gaming on Batteries

Triverse writes, "For anyone that is a retro gamer of any sort, Judge Dredd feels a lot like Smash TV, Total Carnage or Loaded/Re-Loaded from the 32-Bit days (early to mid 90′s). Just straight up shooting and finding the switch to open the door to the next level (here is a hint, kill EVERYTHING and you can advance). This is [our] kind of game, run and gun, artistic slo-mo zoom ins that are awesome (and after 10 hours of playing, still cool to see)."

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tigertron2259d ago

I AM THE LAAAAAAAW! (By the way, do watch Dredd 3D its awesome)

triverse2258d ago

I plan on checking out Dredd when it comes to DVD (Redobxing it). Been losing a lot of sleep to this game this last week, been playing it WAY too much. lol