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Chad Smith: "Let me start by saying that despite never having played the first game, I was excited about being able to review Darksiders 2. I had heard good things about the first game. It wasn't a run-away hit AAA title – or even a critics' darling – but it had good buzz. It felt like more a hipster underground "you've probably never heard of them" type of good – a sleeper hit, or a cult classic sort of thing.

So I went in excited, but not exactly sure what to expect. After a little bit of confusion with the THQ sign-up to get my bonus weapons, I was off to worlds unknown. And I mean really unknown."

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NastyLeftHook01893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I agree with this review.

1892d ago
MrAnderson1892d ago

Great game, shitty review from a shitty no namer website, fishing for hits with a troll title, don't bother to give them hits people.

geddesmond1892d ago

Seriously if Darksiders 2 is a 2/5 then Uncharted 2 is a 2.5/5.

I really hate moron reviewers who wouldn't know a good game even if it jumped up and bit them in the ass.

GenericNameHere1892d ago

What does Uncharted 2 have to do with the review/game? Why not also put in Super Mario Galaxy 2 while you're at it? And how about Gears of War 3? Surely, these 4 games are SO alike, that these games ALL deserve 2/5...

Kurt Russell1892d ago


geddesmond1891d ago

Your a fool. UC2 has nothing to do with the review or it has no comparison to the game either but I used it as an example because its a game seen as one of the best games this gen. So for the reviewer giving darksiders 2 a 2/5 he might as well give UC2 a 2.5/5 because thats how moronic he is.

I didn't even read the review because I'm on a new game plus and I know Darksiders 2 is a great game. I wouldn't give that website views even if someone payed me 10 grand. In fact every article I see from that website I'm going to rate badly here on N4G. Crappy journalism at its finest.

The very leeches of the gaming world sucking the life out of the industry giving great games that bring something new to a genre bad score with out praising the good stuff.

InTheLab1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Cant get behind this guys reasons for a 2 out of 5 because he left off the other half of his review.

Barely discussed any gameplay other than the colors being too colorful? WTF does that mean?

********major spoilers******

Darksiders story is pretty straight forward and only a fool would be confused by what's happening or confuse the Riders of Darksiders with the Horsemen of the Bible. Was he expecting Jesus to appear as the lamb and kick off the apocalypse? Was there any mention of Famine showing up on a horse and destroying crops...which would kill enemies 3 months later? Of course this isn't the 4 horsemen of Revelations. How fun would that be? You already know what's going to happen and if you were to take liberties with the story, you'd end up with Darksiders. That whole bit about the story made no sense, particularly, the Charlie Brown analogy...

As for his other criticism of Death. This isn't the reaper that rides on a Pale Green Horse with Hades (Christianity's version) following. Again, this isn't the bibles Riders. He is simply an agent of the Charred Council like his brother War, sister Fury, and brother Strife. Yes those last two are not the original horsemen but pestilence and famine cannot work in video games other than farmville or some s***.

So why should the Makers or already dead people like the Lord of the Dead be afraid of Death. The Makers are slowly being corrupted and the Lord is already dead. The Angels don't give a damn because they, much like the Makers, are being threatened and destroyed by the corruption. Death also makes it clear to all that will listen that he's there to save his brother by reaching the tree of life. The corruption is at the heart of the tree with Absolom who is the corruption, so all of the errands in the game are a shared concern. The Makers need death to fire up their construct and destroy the massive corruption blocking the path to the tree. The Lord of the dead has his motives, the Angels need this or that, and Samael's needs this from you in order for you to do that.

Seriously, if you had trouble following the plot of Darksiders, god forbid you play something with a complex narrative. I got all of the above info off a single playthrough and what I know of the Bible.

Anyway...this review was garbage and blog posts should not count as reviews on this site.

whatthedeuce1892d ago

Completely agree Lab. The reviewer starts by saying he didn't play the first game, then complains that he can't follow the story. It's not a difficult story, but maybe even doing a Wiki lookup on the plot from D1 would have been helpful for him. Also, it's ridiculous to dock a sequel for problems you have with an entire franchise's story conceit.

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