Why Did Resistance Never Get As Big As Halo? Maybe It Changed Too Much.

Resistance started out as a Halo clone. It was to be Sony's answer to Microsoft, the PlayStation's own sci-fi shooter and killer app. It was to sell millions and earn its own base of rabid fans.

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banjadude2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Wait a second, I thought people were comparing Resistance more to Gears of War (at least Gears of War 2)?

I think Resistance 2 was the weakest link of the three, and despite what many people believe, I think R3 was the best and truest to R1. In terms of R3, I didn't play Multiplayer, so I can probably see what critics did not like, but the single player did have that Resistance feel/charm to it.

BiggCMan2078d ago

I'll agree that, from the story point of view, 2 is weakest, 3 is best, and 1 is in the middle. I think most people would agree actually. But I believe they mean multiplayer in fact, and from that point of view, I believe it's actually reversed completely.

I believe 2 is the best strictly because of the co-op feature, it was unique, and still today is really different from any other game. 3 to me, was just God awful in the multiplayer aspect, it really was terrible. And again, I would say 1 is in the middle, it's fun, it's old school, but not quite all there.

That's the MAIN problem for the franchise, there is no consistency. There are 2 extremities with sequels, first there is the sequel that barely changes a damn thing, and feels not much like a new experience. Then there is the sequel that changes WAYYYY too much, it doesn't even feel like the same game.

And to me, that's where Resistance lies, each game I think is just too different, it doesn't feel cohesive like most video game franchises do. But keep in mind, change isn't bad, all game sequels change a LITTLE bit, but still feel similar to what is familiar. Resistance is too different in my opinion, and while they are good games separately, together it's a cluster of different games that feel that they don't belong together.

banjadude2078d ago

Haha, I'm not gonna lie, I didn't really understand R2's story at all. The pacing, the awkward moments when teammates would speak, and just the audio effects drowned out everything during the main campaign.

Thankfully, as you mentioned, co-op was the icing on that cake (didn't touch competitive at all).

Anon19742078d ago

I hated the loss of the split-screen co-op in the campaign in the second game. And then they tacked on a co-op mode that you could play locally via split screen, but you were doomed because really you needed 3 players to get anywhere and you could only play two locally. Ugh. Glad to see split screen co-op back in the campaign for 3. I've finished it once but I'm looking forward to playing it again with my wife (if only our children would sleep)

Slient Knight 92078d ago

The only thing that i missed in resistance 3 was vehicle segments you had in the first resistance game, just breaks up the gameplay a bit gives you breather from just shooting.

Loved weapons in Resistance 3 though and how upgrading works, the Mutator was my favourite.

RickHiggity2078d ago

Honestly I dont know what to compare resistance to. I feel like R2 may have been trying to take the call of duty approach, But the series has a style all its own IMO.

tigertron2078d ago

I agree, but I think RFOM was by far the best followed by Retribution - thats the true sequel to RFOM.

I was a huge Resistance fan when the first game came out and I really enjoyed playing Retribution, but 2 and 3 just didn't feel like Resistance to me, although 3 was more like it than 2 - 2 is the odd one out.

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Fishy Fingers2078d ago

Maybe it wasn't as good...?

NukaCola2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Not necessarily the case. It's a matter of identity. Halo is Halo, such as COD is COD. Other than a few tweaks here and there, those two franchises have never changed once and people have become comfortable with them. I don't think Halo has improved as a game over the years as much as other franchises have. I personally always think the original game will be the best of the series, but at the same time, I always feel comfortable picking up Halo and playing. I know the product, I grew up with. Other franchises have tried new things and changed so much, they never really got their identity down. Resistance is a great series. It should of stayed the way it was created from the start. The Devs tried to appease and reach out to the fans of COD ( The most popular game and shooter in recent years ) and it effected it. If Halo dropped everything you love about it, and became a COD-like shooter, I can guarantee the majority of the fans would not want it. It's about identity. When games lose their identity, there's a break in trust or faith in the series. This is just my opinion. I think Resistance would of been better off (Also looking at KZ3) if it just stayed the way the devs originally intended.

Axecution2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Oh absolutely agree with the article.

I miss FoM. The giant open maps. That awesome sniper. Everything just felt so good haha. Melee-only one-hit-kill matches in the bus yard xD always fun. Not sure why they decided to change it.

Still loved the single player of Resistance 2 and 3. Actually i liked the multiplayer too... just not nearly as much as FoM.

Also Resistance 3 single player was actually unbelievably good <.<

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alster232078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

it seemed like the resistance series was struggling to find an identity, the trilogy was all over the place in terms of gameplay. resistance 2 was definitely the weakest of the 3 while resistance 3 was most likely the best. But oh well it was clear that that franchise is dead or put on the back burner since insomniac isnt planning on doing anything with it. kinda sad that the series had to end with burning skies.

halo by contrast has remained relatively the same. granted there have been updates to gameplay such as loadouts and what not but that halo feel is still felt.

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