Rumor: ESRB lists more Xbox Originals

Pulling some internet Matt Lock-ery on the ESRB website made Xbox 360 Fanboy realize that the ratings board re-rates all titles added to the Xbox Originals platform. Listed are the current crop of games available like Burnout 3: Takedown, Fuzion Frenzy and upcoming titles like Ninja Gaiden: Black.

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Dark_Vendetta3699d ago

*still waiting for conker*

Covenant3699d ago

You and me both, brother. Wish I hadn't sold my copy.

3699d ago
Covenant3699d ago

Metal Arms was a pretty underrated game...other than some issues with screen tearing, it was a very solid shooter for the Xbox. I still have my copy, and it still gets occasional use in my 360.

All I ask of MS at this point, is that they either make Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath backwards-compatible, or add it to the Originals list. It's the only original Xbox title I have that I can't play, and it's one of my all-time favorites for any console.

benny o klaatt3699d ago

i've got metal arms too (lol) the sound on that game was awesome! and it was tough as hell. i also would lurve to see strangers wrath on there too. bubbles!

JohnRico3699d ago

I still want Advent Rising blah

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