Sony, Valve and the other contenders in the race for wearable computing

Andy Robinson: Augmented and virtual reality gaming has emerged as the next possible technological landmark in the games business.

With Valve, id Software and today Sony coming up with their own prototypes, the future of gaming looks like it may not involve TV sets but instead wearable computing.

But which looks most promising? In today's Daily Digest we examine the most promising contenders in the head-mounted display market.

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Dunpeal2082d ago

wait they don't wanna fully commit to full 1080p gaming but all of a sudden its wearable computers now? gtfo

edgeofsins2082d ago

They do want to commit to full 1080p. They are working on that right now for the next consoles.

Sony works on many things with different departments.

Dunpeal2081d ago

i'll believe it when i see it across the board, but I hope you're right

BitbyDeath2082d ago

Think i prefer Googles version thus far -

Less bulky

G33K2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Sony will beat Valve at wearable computing.

edgeofsins2082d ago

If Valve released a great wearable computer then they might skyrocket. They have a huge reliable fanbase that would be into that kind of thing. Sony has had shaky sales on so many things even though they have great price and value on some things. I don't understand why people are deterring from Sony the past few years.

Bathyj2082d ago

Screw this. I want a metal spike rammed into a bottlecap in the back on my head for direct downloading.

Bowzabub2081d ago

LoL.. Plug in like Neo.

bothebo2082d ago

Yeah.... not into the whole head gear crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.