Top 10 Videogame Appearances in Television and Film

Whether they have been wedged into the frame by imprudent product placement or included out of love, videogames have made several noteworthy appearances in visual media over the years. Usually included for a quick marketing buck, those that are best remembered either tap straight into the pure energy of the product or hit so wide of the mark that it’ll leave you questioning why you even picked up a controller in the first place.

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x5exotic2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Edit: Wtf what about Half-life in LOST

guitarded772012d ago

Entourage had a lot of video game cameos including Kinect well before launch.

GTRrocker6662012d ago

That spaced episode referencing resident evil 2 was hilarious. You guys should really watch that show. Its on netflix.

Moncole2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I hate when shows would show a game and play it wrong like what they did with Breaking Bad or when they make up a game because they are to lazy to get the actual game. If you want to put a game reference in a show or movie do it right, and dont mash the buttons when you play a game.

Khynerius2012d ago

South Park is rather boring, can't find any sense in it, maybe there is none at all.