Double Dragon Neon Review: The Lee Brothers Rescue Marian And Their Dusty Franchise | GameInformer

GameInformer: "WayForward and Majesco team up to offer a fresh take on the Dragons' brawling adventures."

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GhettoBlasStarr2283d ago

This game reminds me how fun games use to be.
Thank you PS+, Thank you PS+, Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, Thank Youuuuu!!!

DivineAssault 2283d ago

WTF? how can this get 8.25 & IGN gives it a 3? too big of a gap.. Who got paid? or didnt?

GamersXTREME2283d ago

Here's a tip: Don't listen to IGN's review.

I just completed the game and am currently writing a review for it as well. Game Informer did a solid job providing their review for this as opposed to IGN's reviewer who clearly doesn't "get" Double Dragon.

All I'll say for now is that WayForward did a the great job with the game. It's just plain fun and feels nostalgic.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2283d ago

I remember Snes days when I used to to play super double dragon I gotta get this game

hazelamy2283d ago

i just tried the demo, and though it's kinda hard, for me at least, it was great fun.
should be fun with multiplayer.
once they patch it in apparently.