Xbox 720, PS4 Graphics Could Get Close To Avatar's Quality, Says Geomerics

Gaming Blend "The new benchmark in visual fidelity is no longer Crysis. No, instead, across all forms of digital and cinematic media the benchmark is now James Cameron's Avatar. With that said, AMD has already mentioned that the next gen Xbox could produce Avatar-like graphics and the co-founder of Geomerics has followed in AMD's footsteps claiming that lighting capabilities could hit that benchmark as well."

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Tolkoto1991d ago

This is like when they said the PS2 would look like Toy Story.

Hatsune-Miku1991d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I can't wait for the ps4.

With Kinect 2.0 and what Microsoft has been doing this gen with Kinect they won't have the amount of exclusive games or software Sony will have. Plus I know that they'll implement the fee for xbl again so I'm looking forward to ps4 way more. I'll get an xbox 720 but I don't expect much.

To some some Microsoft and Sony are equal with what they offer in ps3 and xbox 360 but to logical gamers who likes quality games and new IPs, Sony PlayStation 3 is the best console available. In reality I can logically deduce that because of this gen and previous ones that Sony will be way better with the ps4 than Microsoft offering the next xbox

Yangus1991d ago

Xbox 720 and PS4 Graphics!

Not only PS4.

tehpees31990d ago

Exactly what I've been saying the whole time. I can see Microsoft making big mistakes next generation. The chances are they will be the only ones charging for online gaming (unless Sony make a fee mandatory (unlikely)). They are taking the same route Nintendo were and despite Nintendo showing they learned a lesson by providing core games like Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed people keep insisting they will have the only casual system.

If you want a console without any of these other input devices PS4 is the way to go. If Wii U is a casual system then what is 720? How is 720 any different when that uses Kinect? What makes that "hardcore" and Wii U not? Sorry but if your blasting Wii U you need to get the facts in front of you first. Microsoft is taking the exact same route. If Wii U is a casual console then so is the next Xbox. If the next Xbox is a "hardcore" system then so is the Wii U.

My definition of the terms is
casual = mini game or quick play games which get boring after 5 minutes
hardcore = games with depth that you can enjoy a time and time again.

BlindGuardian1990d ago

they might look similar in the same sense that Black and Resident Evil 4 and God of War 2 sort of looked like next gen back in the day

but Avatar has too many info running to be done on real time yet

Peppino71990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Ps3 has already reached avatar quality.

solar1990d ago

@ above

Only when it's playing the Avatar blu ray.....

kabala1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

My fanboy senses are off the charts right now. Calm down they both will provide quality games & experiences for their collective audiences.

kabala1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Sorry double post

jmac531990d ago

If you are logically deducing based on the PS3 and 360 generation than you have to agree that the PS4 will suck for the first few years and then get better in the last few years.

sikbeta1990d ago

It's not gonna happen, unless 599 US Dollars all over again (or+)...

Muffins12231990d ago

Hahahah yea right,i dont even think a gtx 680 could run this let alone something that's barley half as powerful as gtx680(next gen consoles)

Convas1990d ago

You're like a broken record.

I can't wait for the PS4 because it'll be betterer *skquernz* I can't wait for the PS4 because it'll be betterer *skquernz* I can't wait for the PS4 because it'll be betterer *skquernz*

We get it. Now go back to waiting for that Sony PR cheque to clear ...

guitarded771990d ago

We're a long way off from being able to render Avatar visuals on the fly. I hope to see it one day, but it's just not realistic right now. If it could be done (which I don't think it's possible right now), the consoles would be insanely priced.

MAJ0R1990d ago

Who ever made that statement needs to really go and research just how much it takes to get Avatar to look so realistic. It actually takes a ton of processing power to just render one single frame in Avatar (as in a very expensive super computer.)

It takes minutes to just render one frame. To say that next gen consoles will even come close to Avatar visuals is hilarious. Not even the PC could render Avatar in real time. It's not realistic.

baodeus1990d ago


casual = past time / no dedication
Hardcore = dedication / put a lot of effort into improving your game

Practically any game can be hardcore/casual, it is just how you go about it. Example, dance dance revolution. Would you think it is hardcore if people actually have competition? Would you think Tetris is hardcore because that gamegod from Japan sure spend his lifetime playing it to perfection.

it is all about dedication.

ChrisW1990d ago

Can today's top tier $1,000 GPUs do Avatar-like graphics? No? Then don't believe it!!!

egidem1990d ago

As much as I would like the next gen consoles to have Avatar quality graphics in real time, I'm pretty sure it would cost a fortune especially if we're talking about console prices here!

meetajhu1990d ago

ROFL! Then PC will be 10x better in every possible way!

DeadlyFire1990d ago

Microsoft likely knows they have nothing up their sleeves. So they will put out some IPs for launch next gen. Like they did last gen. They did Perfect Dark one time and then it never showed up again. A similar action will likely take place with another IP somewhere down the line.

All the promises of last gen are probably going to start taking shape for Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft will add keyboard/mouse support, Windows 8, and Cross platform gaming as an excuse to put XBL fee out there for people to pay. While Sony will add cross game chat, build a better browser, and a few other things.

Sony will likely do what they always do. Invite all to develop for their platform. Make some quality exclusive sequels. Maybe say something about those elusive PS3 titles that were supposed to exist like Eight Days/Getaway titles on PS4 maybe? That and well Agent details? Just maybe. :)

As far as graphics go. PC will always be king. In 2013/2014 it will be kinda close for consoles vs. PC graphics, but somewhere along 2014/2015 line something will trump them.

Nothing really has produced graphics like Avatar on todays tech. Not unless they are putting something like OpenRL into the platforms. Allowing for Raytracing without a hiccup or that is the supposed aim of it. :)

The standard max level graphics tech that is present can give us quality PS4/XB3 titles like Metro Last Light at maxed out PC quality graphics on a console. That is impressive, but not Avatar like graphics.

MxRBrobaFett1990d ago

I like how everyone of these articles turns into a flame war against Xbox. Get over yourself tool

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zebramocha1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

That wasn't stated by Sony,it was some dude at Ms,it's a cnet article the commentor was made by a guy name blackley.

Dark_Overlord1990d ago

Its hilarious how not many people know that :D (Or choose to ignore that fact)

GearSkiN1990d ago

more like next gen will look like toy story 3. avatar my ass...

ninjabake1990d ago

If it even reaches toy story 3 level I'd be shocked. Name any graphics cards that are producing pixar-level graphics. And then give a reasonable price. It just isn't gonna happen, not next gen. The games will undoubtedly look sharper, clearer, have better shading and better AA and bump mapping but were almost at the point of diminishing returns. Having most games in 1080p/60fps is a big leap IMO.

peowpeow1990d ago

Any gpu playing TF2 :D I'm not serious, but damn that game on max settings is sexy smooth and the artstyle is just great!

namyrb1990d ago

Most people don't understand that it can take years (collectively using huge render farms) for a single CG film to render out completely. These films are rendered in 4K resolution for theater projection... Don't see how the quality can come close.

Kurt Russell1990d ago

^ Not 4K res yet broski. Our farms getting on a bit however rendering 1920X1280 with a well lit/complicated scene can take a few hours per frame.

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Anon19741990d ago

Fantastic. I can't wait to see how many developers will crumble under the resource drain trying to produce games that look like Avatar. What will a game have to sell to make up those development costs?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, new hardware doesn't instantly equal better games. The bottleneck is the developer and the resources available to them. Otherwise, every game would be an Uncharted or a Gears of War, or every PC game would look like Battlefield 3 maxed out. It's not just hardware that holds devs back.

Timesplitter141990d ago

They pretty much pull these facts out of their asses all the time

Bathyj1990d ago

58% of statistics are made up on the spot.

johnsonbat1990d ago

I heard it was more like 72%.

Jazz41081990d ago (Edited 1990d ago ) when sony said the ps2 would look like toy story. I remember all the things sony said about the emotion engine and then the ps3 with giant enemy crabs and pre rendered cut scenes being passed off as in game.

Azmatik1990d ago

You have to remember back in the day when ps3 launched multi-core processors and such like that especially the cell were amazing and actually still is amazing. And back then i believe even PCs only had quad-cores i think

MrBeatdown1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

That would be an interesting way to rephrase it. Mainly because I couldn't find any quotes from Sony comparing the PS2 directly to Toy Story.

Perhaps you're thinking of this...

"'One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist,' Blackley said, which is why Xbox developers 'are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story.''"

Or maybe this...

"Gates said the 3-D chips in the Xbox would be three times faster than anything on the market and offer nearly unlimited graphical visuals. 'We're approaching the level of detail seen in Toy Story 2,' he said, referring to the computer-generated kids film from Disney/Pixar."

Ben_Grimm1990d ago

@Mr. Beatdown

love how you always have an Xbox quote article ready to go any time anyone mentions something about Sony. Always gotta be ready for damage control, right?

MrBeatdown1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


Swing and a miss.

I was disproving something, and helping our poor misguided friend Jazz determine the REAL origin of the Toy Story reference.

I see you have a problem with factual, on topic information being presented, and it being presented in response to a person who is known to troll in the name of everything Xbox, even going so far in this case as to make false claims. Accuracy is a problem for you?

I find it interesting that you can't separate that from me calling out nukeitall for bringing up the PS2 disc read error and lawsuit time and time again (in fact, he did it two separate times in that same article), and in the comment you linked to, doing so purely because someone dared mention RROD in an article discussing Microsoft's hardware issues.

I was correcting something here. nukeitall was not correcting anyone in that article. Nor was what he said even relevant. I know you want to imply some hypocrisy because what I say bothers you, but what I brought up about Xbox was relevant to Jazz's comment, unlike nukeitall's.

What I find really interesting is that you tried to go after me in that article to, but failed to follow up when I replied. You've done that a couple times now when replying to me. Funny you still take issue with what I said there, and it made such an impression on you that you remember it from a week ago, but yet you couldn't be bothered to actually back up what you said when I replied, despite having free bubbles. And yet, here you are, bring it up again, as if my comment here or there was unjustified, and using a paraphrased quote from me addressing a comment that was out of place, even though my comment here isn't. Talk about grasping at straws.

MrBeatdown1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Double post

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edgeofsins1990d ago

When people say have close to that quality most of the time they mean it seemingly looks like that in the game. But obviously more then likely you will notice that it is not.

Hayabusa 1171990d ago

Err, yes, especially after they've given you such a high bar to compare to. You end up only noticing how much it DOESN'T look like Avatar.

Tsar4ever011990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Damn straight, How many time people is going to talk this crap! Avatar is a digitalized motion Picture mixed with live video, done with the highest version of OPEN_GL graphics tech money can buy. How stupid people is going to assume video-games going to look anywhere NEAR as good as AVATAR, next-gen or the next-gen after. It can't be done, computers don't YET have the CPU & GPU processing power and when it does, it's gonna cost at least 3-4 times as much as john carmack new 3D "Oculus Rift" visors tech.

Bloodraid1990d ago

What the hell are rambling on about? The latest version they could have worked with when producing Avatar was 3.2, which is unlikely seeing as it came out only a few months before the film released.

With the exception of Geometry (OpenGL 3.2) and Tessellation (OpenGL 4.0) shaders, and the deprecation of the old API (OpenGL 3.0), OpenGL has been pretty much stagnant in it's capabilities since OpenGL 2.0, which made it's debut in late 2004.

Avatar, like any movie, was pre-rendered and took minutes to hours to render a single frame with multiple computers. Why you seem to think it was rendered in real time is beyond me.

Also, unless there's some incredible leap in technology sometime soon, we're not going to be seeing anything remotely close to Avatar running in real time for decades. And whenever we do get to that level of technology, it's not going to be much more expensive than current PCs.

GuyThatPlaysGames1990d ago

The graphics will only look similar to a mid-grade gaming pc. Everyone needs to get outta their mind that these games will have CGI quality visuals.

gluv651990d ago

I don't know why this quote is always contributed to PS2 and Sony. When in fact, it is a Bill Gates Quote in reference to the original XBOX.

Syntax-Error1990d ago

Both systems will produce amazing qualities. I think it will come down to online capabilities that will separate the two. Sony has as many good features as 360, so I think if you buy one or the other you've made a great choice. I agree that XBL has to be cheaper, but I understand why they charge. They do offer a lot of content. PSN has the right idea, you should be able to play online for free, but if you want discounted content, early demos, and have to become a member.

Hayabusa 1171990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Hey, I wuz gona say de exact same ting!'d u do dat??? :O

FanboyPunisher1990d ago

it never will, otherwise games are going to cost 150+ mil.

Rumor1990d ago

Didn't hip hop gamer sing the same song?

MadMen1990d ago

we go through this EVERY time,

"it could"

unfortunately we all know nextgen never does or will.

blah to these comments and articles

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AngelicIceDiamond1990d ago

Xbox 720 and PS4's graphics could look like Avatars CGI. How many times were we told that games will look CG in a new gen of consoles? Maybe it could happen for real this time but I'm not holding my breath.

WeskerChildReborned1990d ago

I would expect PC to look like CG quality before Consoles do.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

If they can make gta4 go from this
to this on a gtx 460(released july 2010) card hd remake!
then I wonder what pc mods will looks like next gen?

on top off that gta 4 is a bad pc port.

Pc is already read for cg no doubt.
They just have to wait for something.

But more important than graphics I want user created content to continue be the way of the future.

Gildarts1990d ago

Nextgen consoles will definitely be cg quality but I doubt it will get on par with avatar hardware wise but I can see it happening through the cloud.

GearSkiN1990d ago

i think the game would look even better as the nex gen system gets older like what it is now.. halo 3 compare to halo 4 is way different. or uncharted to uncharted 3 wayyy different.

RememberThe3571990d ago

He's talking about lighting. But he makes a fare point; it could be on Avatar level but with everything else developers have to run on the hardware it's not likely.

I'm sure we'll get some really photo realistic game though.

Hazmat131990d ago

might happen, well maybe exclusive you all seen how good xbox and PS3 exclusives go. before they talked about how the first uncharted was using nearly the full power of the PS3 and now look at Uncharted 3. same goes for xbox on Halo. compare the first exclusive for the new PS4 and Xbox720 to the last and there will be a difference. might be a CGI lookingish but idk. do you get what im saying? sometimes i get scattered. lol