New Wardevil Screenshot is In-game

PSU has posted an update about the recently released WarDevil screenshot.

"To gather more information about the image above, we contacted the Digi-Guys and this is what they had to say:

"The image is all game material/assets and is part of our final graphical push to get the game looking as close to high-end cinema quality as we can... whilst still running in 1080P (with Dof & Motionblur)." - Digi-Guys Representative"

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fenderputty3763d ago

show us some stuff at GDC. Pretty please.

NoUseMerc3763d ago

Sorry, Digi-Guys won't be making it to GDC this year, however their publisher will be. You can count on seeing more content though over the next few months.

sonarus3763d ago

@nousemerc who is the publisher.
This is gonna be one of those titles to watch for sure. Sony is getting ready to bulldoze the competition on all fronts.

NoUseMerc3763d ago

Ignition Entertainment is the publisher

MrFurious3762d ago

For me since I saw first screens at E3 2006, this is the most waited and wanted game since PS3 launch..

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xaphanze3763d ago

This game looks promising.Cant wait to see some gameplay.I love FPS.

Panthers3763d ago

Its a Third Person Action game. Not shooter.

bootsielon3763d ago

It looks awesome, I hope it doesn't flop like LAIR

CaliGamer3763d ago

Talk about pessimistic, sucks that you have to look at the world like that man. Lair wasn't good but many other games failed, its called life.
I guess there is nothing wrong with hoping, but its like telling your best friend who is about to sing at their first concert, I hope you don't choke when your up there. Why even mention it?
Just my thoughts, proceed.

Bathyj3763d ago

People are so hard on Lair. At least it tried something different. It was never going to change the world. The storm in a teacup was all M$ FUD.

Look at these games.
GT Pro

Quake 4
Call of Juarez
Eternal Sonata VF5
Just Cause
Area 51

Yep, Lair outsold them ALL.

SUP3R3763d ago

So far every new IP that's announced for the PS3 always gets the "I hope it doesn't end up like Lair" phrase.
To my knowledge NO game has ended up like Lair since Lair.
Geez can we start being optimistic about new IP's on the PS3?
Every system has a flop title, that doesn't mean they're all going to be flops.
Show your support.

hazeblaze3763d ago

I do agree that the Lair comments are much too frequent... but I also think it may apply in this case. The game looks AWESOME. But we have never seen any real gameplay from this game... and the trailer that was shown back in 2006 did not show that much action.

At any rate, I am happy to see this game is still in development b/c I thought that it'd just died. Hopefully, we'll actually see some footage by E3 and see a release date.

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Statix3763d ago

"In-game assets" usually means pre-rendered CG, or target render.

Fuzz McDeath3763d ago

...until I see a hud its a BullShot (and even then its not certain). Nowhere does the DigiGuys rep suggest that this is in game. Give me a break, Lying liars...

novaIS3503763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Sure it is guys /Sarcasm. Remember their first tech demo was shown almost two years ago, and indeed it was all real time on PS3 hardware. Why else would the engine be called the Real Time Engine 1080? If this was pre-rendered CG, then the engine should be called not real time engine 640p. But hey, believe what you will. Doubting doubters?! or Fanny McFanboys?

meepmoopmeep3763d ago

more info on the story plot, thank you, looking good in the graphics dept. though

NoUseMerc3763d ago

Here is some info about the game:

As for GDC, the Digi-Guys will not be there. They said they will begin releasing more images, videos, and info over the next couple months on their website and such. Stay tuned though and I will keep you updated.

mighty_douche3763d ago


NoUseMerc, thanks for the link, it states a movie is also in the works. Do you know if thats still the case? as that was posted way back in sept 2006. You seem to know more than most!

NoUseMerc3763d ago

Yep, the movie is still in full motion.

mighty_douche3763d ago


cheers for the speedy replay, and good news also.

Sorry for another question, but do contribute to PSU? also i think i have some PS3 themes made by you (Or someone of the same name?) so cheers for those also!

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