The Allure of the Apocalypse

Lindsay examines her love for the apocalyptic sub-genre of video games. From shooters to RPGs, gaming always seem better with a little post-apocalyptic themes in them.

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manlypile2050d ago

I put more time into Fallout 3 than in any other game I've ever played and I wonder if I would have done so had it been in a different setting?

amaguli2050d ago

Post-apocalyptic is really nice. It offers a lot in terms of creativity from the creators. Plus, I like to think I'm preparing for the real apocalypse.

Ajoyshop2050d ago

I put more time in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas than any other games. I literally replayed the two games over and over again without ever feeling repetitive. I think what I honestly and truthfully like about the genre is that even though the world has nearly ended humanity survives. We still have some resemblance of government and what we used to have. People are still trying to do good even though many others are trying to do unspeakable bad.

Godmars2902050d ago

From a developer standpoint its to structure the game world along already long established fantasy-world framework. Simple as that.

sonicsidewinder2050d ago

Generic Fallout 3 players abound.

"Wow, this was da first lamp-post-apocalyptic game!"

MrChow6662050d ago

fallout 3 sucks IMO and hard

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