Mega Man Creator’s New Side-Scrolling Action Game Where You Play As The President

Siliconera - Keiji Inafune isn’t only working on Soul Sacrifice and Kaio: King of Pirates. The Mega Man creator also made a side-scrolling action game with Marvelous AQL.

J.J. Rockets puts you in the shoes of the President of the United States… who transforms into a mutant blasting super hero.

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HiddenMission2018d ago

Yep has funny written all over it lol...really Inafune is on something fierce lol

Godmars2902018d ago

Going to have run their course I'm afraid to say. Hope the general public burns out on them with enough of the industry remaining to make more than 8 bit titles with good graphics.

fei-hung2018d ago

Hope this comes to PS Mobile or PS Minis!