N4G: Spec Ops: The Line review

N4G User Review winner, Robochobo, writes: "In a generation where the shooter genre reigns supreme, there are games that rise to fame and capture the attention of the masses, and then there are those that fall from view never to be heard or seen of again from the gaming eye. Gaining any momentum let alone attention in the over saturated market of shooters seems bleak enough, but what does it truly take for a game to break free of the usual convection's?

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Ares84HU1917d ago

This game was amazingly good. The story was great and it was a lot of fun to play.

ChunkyLover531917d ago

Agreed, but the online was pretty terrible.

Ares84HU1917d ago

Yes it was. Goes to show that not every game needs competitive multiplayer. It would have been much better if they instead focused more on co-op missions.