Space Ace Flies to Blu-Ray and HD DVD

Digital Leisure, the company that brought Dragon's Lair to various HD formats last year and is currently working on porting the game/movie combo to the DS, has announced that they will be bring yet another arcade classic to Blu-Ray and HD DVD. Space Ace for Blu-Ray and HD DVD will be available on April 8 of this year.

The game/movie will will be an arcade-perfect translation on both HD DVD and Blu-Ray disc, but the HD DVD will have some special bonuses: a "Leisure Online" mode that will include "Head2Head" gaming. This may be the first HD DVD to include online gaming in the package.

Digital Leisure also plans to follow those releases up with hi-def versions of Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp.

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cooke153813d ago

once again HD DVD proves its features.. Why wont the sony fanboys understand. HD DVD can do more!