PS3: Game disc EBOOT.BIN decrypted

As some recent events indicate, the community is beginning to make headway in cracking open Sony's PlayStation 3 console. The PS3News site's dev has announced that they have successfully decrypted ELF file from a PS3 game disc. Quoting CJPC regarding the details:

"This removes BOTH the disc layer of encryption on the EBOOT.BIN, as well as the file layer of encryption".

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3696d ago

cracking PS3 = region free blu ray = cheap games for the non games = PS2 deja vu all over

gaffyh3695d ago

PS3 is already region free, and I believe the PS2 sold so much because it was hacked very quickly and relatively easily. If the PS3 is hacked it will be like the PSP scene, constantly needing a custom firmware.

However I have learned that you shouldn't trust PS3NEWS so quickly, they have (many, many times) claimed to have hacked something falsely so don't believ them just yet. If they are telling the truth they should release the decrypter to the public (which they won't).

If they have decrypted the eboot that is very very good work, the encryption was meant to be 128-bit I think which is near impossible to crack. But I am calling bullshit on this until I see some real proof (like a decrypting program)

Sev3695d ago

Cracking PS3 = Still expensive games = Not PS2 all over again.

I dont think you realize that part of the reason the PS3 hasnt been cracked is because its not really worth the effort. At least not yet.

Blu-Ray Disc Burners are very expensive >$249
Blank BD-ROMs are also pretty pricey.
Plus the chance of bricking an expensive console.
All these things make this a much different situation than what happened with the PS2, and much much more costly.

Sure you can put the files on your HDD, but these games arent small in size and would eat up a HDD pretty fast.

Plus a 20GB game would take quite a long time to download.

All these things combined = Not worth the effort

blusoops3696d ago

It's cracked now...but let's see what happens when the next firmware update is released. Say good-bye to all your progress!

Lord Anubis3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

this is very interesting. They decrypted the boot file and they have downgraded a PS3 a double win for the team. Meaning even if Sony patches the boot they can still downgrade the PS3.

nevelo073695d ago

the [email protected] do these a holes do this, it messes up the industry [email protected] a$$holes

ar3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Maybe they want to use the PS3 they bought with their own money the way the want. Cracking the PS3 doesn't automatically means they are after pirating games.

Also I suggest you use a little more mature language in the future.

PSWe603695d ago

so is this a good or a bad thing?

MrWonderful3695d ago

thats what im saying. i just wish people would leave crap alone. they are letting use have use generated stuff. so i think thats cool


Why the F are people going backwards , i just let my system as/is , if thats what you like cool ...

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The story is too old to be commented.