MIT, TI Debut Energy-Efficient Microchip

PC World writes:

"Cell phones running low on battery power could be a thing of the past if new chip technology co-developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Texas Instruments lives up to its promise.

The research team, scheduled to unveil its chip design for portable electronics Tuesday, reports the technology can be as much as 10 times more energy-efficient than the technology used in today's cell phones and other portable devices. The energy-efficient technology can be put to use in mobile devices, as well as implantable medical devices and sensors to extend the life of the portable device longer than if it was battery-charged, researchers say."

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Mr Marbles3671d ago

i heard about this, indeed it is a major scientific breakthrough.

First the latest stemcell breakthrough, and now this, it seems Americans are not as dumb as everyone likes to believe they are.

It is the racist/nationalist folks who generalize the entire country who are the true stupid ones.

spandexxking3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

good work