Resident Evil 6 first bits of DLC will focus on adding multiplayer modes

Capcom has revealed that it plans to enhance the multiplayer mode of Resident Evil 6 after launch with the release of three new modes and additional content.

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DaThreats2016d ago

Already ways to get more money from us

doogiebear2016d ago

I seriously can't believe people are gonna buy this stupid game day one. At least get it after reviews are in...or when the game is used. Don't be stupid people, this game is complete fail (if the demo, interviews, and gameplay vids are any indication). I'd rather get it used so Capcom doesn't get a cent (the only reason I'd get it AT ALL is because my GF loved playing RE 5 co op with me--but other than that, the series is crap when compared to what it used to be)

WeskerChildReborned2016d ago

Why not just include the modes in the full game? -.-

dazzrazz2016d ago

What for, when u can sell em later on as separate dlc and make more dineros

beerkeg2016d ago

It's the curse of this generation of consoles - DLC. Why include in the game what you could sell later?

Grimhammer002016d ago

Why not just update the game for free on ps3....and screw MS because they charge for secondary updates. Lol

No...sadly, Crapcom strategy meetings are as one sided as it comes....milk fans into oblivion.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2016d ago

And i'm cancelling my Re6 pre-order..... good luck Capcom.

GSpartan7772016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

At this point this is just stupid and really aimed for short term success. What is point of adding multiplayer if you are going to butcher it from the start. You split your community into parts and potentially drive them away because unless they dish out money, they will not have access to the content. And knowing how the matchmaking in these games tend to work, finding a game becomes almost impossible if you do not have the latest DLC, because of the split and the priority the DLC is giving in match find.

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