XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC features revealed: prettier and more tactical than on consoles

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s release date is rapidly bearing down upon us, but while its console siblings stew in the limbo of certification, the PC version of Firaxis’ turnbased remake is being lavished with attention. According to lead designer Jake Solomon, it’s got a fresh new HUD, displaying loads more data and allowing for a speed of interaction that changes how players approach tactical decisions.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Probably controller limitation & the fact rts games are not really console like games.

lastdual2053d ago

I'm sure a game like this does benefit from a PC-optimized HUD and hotkeys, but since XCOM isn't an RTS, the mouse is a little less essential.

The consoles actually have a fairly good track record with turn-based strategy, including games such as Firaxis' own Civ Rev, along with classics like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, Valkyria Chronicles, Shining Force, Tactics Orge, Front Mission, Advance Wars, etc.

joab7772052d ago

It has to do with tech but just like dragon age, I think there's a purpose to dumbing down the rts aspects in regards to marketability. I am sure they could have found a way for consent players to see the two hit percentages or latex a generic grid, even if it wasn't as complete. I honestly think that if they made the calls, it would have been a pc exclusive.

Dlacy13g2053d ago

Meh....still getting it on console. I can appreciate the differences but my gaming preference is console.

Gamer19822052d ago

If you havnt got a decent PC console would be the best way but games liek this arent not meant to be played on console and will sell badly on console. Look at games like red alert and lord of the rings (the RTS on) they sold in the millions on PC but really badly on console.

Dlacy13g2052d ago

I do agree...RTS on consoles have been under performers for sure. Halo Wars probably being the lone exception but even it didn't do fantastic compared to expectations.

But, this also isn't an RTS is turn based game and maybe just maybe getting enough media hype to help drive sales.

ThanatosDMC2053d ago

Hope they add more units per map. It's a downgrade from the old one if it stay into a 6 man squad.

taquito2053d ago

every game is prettier on pc

some more than others

kostchtchie_2053d ago

goes to show how pathetic developers are these days, the original was the same both on PC an console, yet here in future with better tech, they cannot seem do that.. ha ha

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