5 Movies Gamers Must Check Out This Week

"You’re a gamer. While you’re at school or work, you think about games. When you get any free time, you’re thinking about games while playing other games. Still, you’ve got to keep up appearances when out in public, so we will list the top 5 movies you’ve got to check out this week in order to prevent you from wasting time when you could be tackling another list of trophies on your PlayStation 3."

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TifaLockheart1923d ago

Your #1 pick is a must-see for me this week.

Ares84HU1923d ago

I'm going to check it out too.

1923d ago
1923d ago
iamnsuperman1923d ago

Good list however I am not really seeing the gaming connection (except for the last one). Shouldn't this be a list for movies everyone should check out

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