Ubisoft release Lost PS3 box art

Ubisoft have today released the PAL packshot for Lost, which is set for release this month...

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pwnsause3368d ago

This game is going to be AWESOME!!!! /end sarcasm.

Skater3368d ago

Lol, they used the real-life actor shots to cover up the inevitably bad graphics the game will have.

jay23368d ago

Theres 4 shots on the site.

LSDARBY3368d ago

Lost is lame and this game will be too.

mikeslemonade3368d ago

Lost is the best drama series on TV. You just have to do your part to understand what's going on.

The Wood3368d ago

the wire is better so is hero's funnily enough. lost has too many unanswered questions left from all of the previous seasons

smokeymicpot3368d ago

looks like they just took the season 3 dvd boxart and put it on the game.

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