Myst Preview by WorthPlaying

Posted on Tuesday, February 05 @ 05:46:13 PST

Myst is a PC puzzle game released by long-defunct, as a proper publisher, Brøderbund in the early '90s. In game years, that's eons ago. If you've had anything to do with games for so far back, you likely recall Myst as "The game I couldn't quit playing," or, if it wasn't your thing, if you actually owned a PC, you probably shared that "personal" computer, and you'll remember the title as "Oh, please, would quit playing that game so I can use the computer." "Use the computer" for what I can't recall, though most likely typing a letter, for although computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee had invented the World Wide Web years before, the stunning innovation had barely just started to smoke, let alone catch fire. DOOM wouldn't even be released for a couple of months. Yet before PC gaming had become a real phenomenon, Myst was a PC game phenomenon.

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