PAX Prime hands-on: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed is surprisingly fun [SideQuesting] -

"You might think that it's just another kart racer that falls behind Mario Kart's shadow, but Sonic Transformed begins to forge its own path in the genre, and executes it extremely well."

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Yi-Long2078d ago

... so hopefully this one is a bit better and more fun, gameplay-wise.

I really wish Sega would just make a new F-Zero though. F-ZeroGX for the Cube is still a brilliant game.

AusRogo2078d ago

Not surprising, since the first was actually a lot of fun too !

Psychonaughty2078d ago

The first one was great if a little content light but I accidentally scratched the disc by moving the 360 while it was starting up :( It's kinda pointless getting another copy now as the sequel is looking superior in everyway :) Bring on November I say!

jacksonmichael2075d ago

Any chance the Wii U version'll have extra features? Like... Not having Danica Patrick?