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Gearbox shows off Borderlands 2 Mechromancer final design, reveals her name

Gearbox Software has shown off the final design of the downloadable Mechromancer character for Borderlands 2, and confirmed her name as Gaige. (Borderlands 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Carl_Shocker  +   1086d ago
I honestly think she should of been in the original 4 instead of Maya. Theres no way 3 sirens (if Steele was one) out of the only 6 in the galaxy/universe would, by chance, all be on Pandora let alone be another vault hunter.

Although she does seem to be a female counterpart of Axton but instead of turrets she has a moving machine instead
wallis  +   1086d ago
She left to Pandora to find more about her heritage (as did Lilith) so it's clear there's something that connects Pandora to Sirens. Not hard to consider since it's home of the Protheans. Also Lilith is going to be taking on the role of the guardian angel so if anything a new siren coming to her for answers makes way MORE sense than a girl with a giant robot coming to her for answers... or any of the others for that matter.

And the mechromancer looks sweet - love the idea. Sort of bringing in the concept of a summoner or conjuration into the gameplay of borderlands.
Carl_Shocker  +   1086d ago
Lilith never left Pandora, she wasn't born on it, she came with her friends she grew up with on another planet to find the Vault as they grew up to become vault hunters. It's why most NPCs in the game call the vault hunters "off worlders".

Lilith isn't taking over the role as the Guardian Angel, the old Guardian Angel actress is coming back, Lilith will just have a few live action cutscenes during the game for whatever reason.
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wallis  +   1086d ago
I meant to say left their homeworlds/usual business FOR pandora.
Carl_Shocker  +   1085d ago
I can't believe people are actually disagreeing with me

Go and check what i've said up....it's all true

Jeez....stay classy N4G
DryPancake  +   1081d ago
Lilith went to Pandora from a distant planet in search of another Siren.

Maya went to Pandora from her planet(where she was idolized as a god) to discover more about her siren heritage.

Lilith does have live action sequences because she can project her image in your head like the Guardian Angel.
KingMe42  +   1085d ago
Then who would take on the healer role and elemental role? Besides i always thought the vault had something special to sirens my first play AND it might still be true. Also Lilith is here, and the reason Lilith is in Pandora is cause she was looking for a 3rd siren (not 100% sure if it was C. Steel) so with 2 sirens in Pandora why wouldn't Maya travel to it? Or maybe just Lilith but that could be more than enough for Maya to talk to Lilith.

So no Maya should not ever had been removed.
r21  +   1086d ago
This is going to be the second time i buy DLC, the first being the KZ3 Capture trooper skin on U3. Gaige sound likes a fun unique character :D
Dread  +   1086d ago
you do not have to buy it if your pre-order the game
Lubu  +   1086d ago
Just preorder the game, and she'll be free.
r21  +   1085d ago
Not in my country. We dont have such incentives.
strange1986  +   1086d ago
Sweet lord this game is going to be nuts. Sigh...one more week.
tdinc  +   1086d ago
BL is a over rated game
mcnablejr  +   1086d ago
You're overrated and lame.
KingMe42  +   1085d ago
Nah man. Skyrim was over rated.
CrimsonessCross  +   1086d ago
I <3 her final design! :D I can't wait to play Gaige! :3 <333
Ugh...I'm going to be playing every class at launch, but commit to one that interests me the most. Right now it's probably Maya/(Gaige)/Zero/Axton/Salvad or for me in that order :3
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CrimsonessCross  +   1086d ago
It wouldn't let me correct Salvador's name every time I tried to save the edit =_= thanks N4G! :P
ShinraE5  +   1086d ago
I have a hard time committing to one character after checking out the skill tress on the site. And this characters confirmed name and look (as well as class) have me curious about her as well !

Looks like I will be doing several BL2 run throughs, as each class looks to offer up a lot of fun.
CrimsonessCross  +   1086d ago
Me too, I looked through most but I think I kind of forget what some did :) so I'll be surprised about what they have to offer again.

It doesn't hurt to do many run throughs anyways :3 as long as you enjoy the game and it'll show you really enjoy the game if I/we can put in that much time :) the only game that hurts (at least in my mind) and is torture is Diablo 3 :D
Those run throughs got so old and boring! >.<

I am getting it for PC. I can't wait to be able to inspect my obtained weapons, screenshot them and database them heh :) it's going to take up so much space.
dumahim  +   1086d ago
Little bummed out that the robot is a special skill instead of a constant pet/companion type thing. Killed a bit of my enthusiasm, but I'll still check it out. Now I just want to see the skill tree.
HBK619  +   1086d ago
I don't quite get why it has to be DLC, kind of ruins the possibility of playing it for those that are one time story players.

Was it really that hard to put this in the final game? Would've even probably been smarter to replace one of the character classes already in the game that is basically a re-hash of what's in Borderlands at least for something fresher here.

Still looking forward to the game, and will have this DLC as I pre-ordered, but I doubt I'll end up playing as her only due to her being DLC.
vickers500  +   1086d ago
I believe they said they're still working on the Mechromancer class/character and aren't finished with it yet, so it has to be DLC.
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TronEOL  +   1086d ago
Well, I know who I'll be playing as. I'm glad I'm not getting off work until mid-November, since I'll be able to play this game on my first playthrough as the Mechromancer.
ShinraE5  +   1086d ago
Definitely looking forward to this class ! Can't wait to see what her claptrap can do. (and yes, sounds awful when said aloud, you know what I mean...)

On a side note, I would have loved to have seen male and female variants of each class. A fem gunzerker would have been epic !

Not a big deal of course, I just always find gender options as a neat bonus.
CrimsonessCross  +   1086d ago
That would have been amazing :D
It isn't too late for them to do that (like what Dungeon Defenders did for their game) since they are able to add in new classes (although that would be a bit of re-hashing done for the classes in the game). Maybe some skins for them would be interesting to add in so you DON'T have to make a separate class :)

or if they did do something like an alternate class look they'd have to make the download worth it so they aren't identical entirely with the exception of the model/skins.

Not a big deal either as but just a general idea :)
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ShinraE5  +   1086d ago
You PC gamers did get a lot of awesome DD content. I play on the 360, so we got hosed >.<

But yeah, something like that could definitely work. I am just a sucker for customization options, gender, look, skills, etc.

Either way, expecting a lot of fun out of BL2, considering how epic BL1 was !
KingMe42  +   1085d ago
Im 100% sure each dlc will bring new skins and hairs.
Pintheshadows  +   1086d ago
Randy Pitchford said if the fans asked they would oblige so it's possible. I like Randy Pitchford.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1085d ago
Let them know! They might add that in Borderlands 3.
Pintheshadows  +   1086d ago
The adverts for this game are cool. Especially the live action one.

I'm looking forward to this most out of all the games coming out for the rest of the year. Even more so than AC3 which is paying Borderlands 2 an immense compliment.
Floobersman  +   1085d ago
Her name was announced 2 weeks ago in a Gamespot video where Randy Pitchford shows off an untextured Gaige. If you watch the video go to 56:32 and you'll hear Randy say "... and, uh, there's Gaige..." ( http://www.gamespot.com/sho... ) What is interesting hear the date and price!

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