The scarcity of Japanese role-playing games

SMH writes: I really wish Japanese RPGs (JRPGs) were more prominent in the West nowadays than they used to be. I feel that there is a real deficit in terms of variety and quality when it comes to console JRPGs in particular. The most definitive JRPG off the top of my head in our current generation of consoles would most likely be Final Fantasy XIII and that’s not due to its quality (or lack thereof) but the feelings of nostalgia that many older gamers still hold in regards to the earlier iterations of the FF series and the disappointing attempt to bridge the gap between what many gamers grew up with and what we’re given today.

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TheDivine2107d ago

Theres only been one good big budget AAA traditional turn based jrpg this gen. Lost Odyssey. It was one of the best ive ever played. Theres some grat jrpgs that arent traditional though. Vesperia, FF13 (it was good imo), Magna Carta 2, The Last Story, Xenoblade, Nier, Valkyria Chronicles and many on handhelds such as TWEWY, Radiant Historia, Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts BBS/DDD exc. I think this gen was a transition for jrpg devs. Alot couldnt afford hd so they found homes on portables and others tried to modernize the genre. Some failed abit like FF13 but others succeeded like TLS. I think it will help the genre in the long run. Lots of creative stuff was made like TWEWY and Resonance of Fate. Little things like no grinding in TLS, landmarks in Xenoblade, and rety's on bosses have made the genre less time consuming and frustrating. There were growing pains but if devs realize that turn based combat still has a place along with realtime and hybrids we will be okay. Just cause you can now power fast flashy combat doesnt mean people dont want turn based. Lose the random encounters though (please)!

I think western games took most console folk (and japanese devs) by storm. Before the 360 consoles had japanese games and pc had western. Now the 360 made fps and wrpgs popular. People discovered stuff like Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Oblivion exc. That overshadowed Japan. Instead of making the games they always made they made western games. Instead of making them better and using some of the innovations in western games they refused to stray from their safety zone. Now theyre catching on and i cant wait to see what happens.

2107d ago
DivineAssault 2107d ago

Theres been alot but they suck this gen.. Nx year we have Xillia & Ni No Kuni.. Hopefully FF vs 13.. This is another reason i love handhelds so much.. They seem to get many more of them

Xof2107d ago

No, there have been a ton and they've been just as awesome as ever, if not more so.

The problem is idiot gamers who keep staring at home consoles expecting decent JRPGs to show up when all of the talent in Japan is busy pumping away revolutionary RPGs on the Portable front.

doogiebear2107d ago

Persona series is the best and IMO the few of the JRPG's to come to the west that have been worth while.

izumo_lee2107d ago

True the JRPG is not the prominent genre they once were but that does not mean they are not around. Look around on each console and each of them has their fair share of games in the genre.

The XB360 early on had many JRPG like Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean, Infinite Undiscovery, Tales of Vesperia, FF13 are some that pops into mind. There aren't as many now cause the popularity of shooters has flooded the gamers of the 360 that JRPGs do not do well.

Nintendo's handhelds has had many games & late in the Wii's life it received 2 of the better games this gen in Xenoblade & Last Story. Shame it had to take a petition and fan outcry for these games to be localized, in the past these game would be guaranteed success.

Finally arriving on the PS3. This is where most of the games have consistently shown itself where it be high profile games like FF13, niche titles like Disgaea, to really obscure titles like Neptune. If you are looking for a JRPG the PS3 is usually the place to find the style of the genre you are looking for.

It is a shame that a once great genre has become such an obscurity & sometimes difficult to find if one is not actually looking for them.

izumo_lee2107d ago

Think of it like Final Fantasy Tactics but more humorous & over the top. I suggest going to youtube & looking up videos of the series cause they show a lot of what the game is all about.

In simple terms a turn based strategy game that is for the hardcore cause it takes a lot of grinding to be really good at the game. Not for everyone but if you are willing to waste many hours leveling up it may be to your liking.

Tidybrutes2107d ago

Its a tactical rpg, grid based battles, set in the netherworld, story is light hearted, is quite funny and witty.

I'm curently playing the remake of first one for psp (Afternoon of Darkness).

Can be quite grind heavy as has insanely high level cap and really deep weapon and item customzation, but I'd defo recomend it!

doogiebear2107d ago

No worries, they announced last year that they are working on Persona 5. Cheer up

yokokoroma2107d ago

The lack of JRPGS this gen, is more problematic if anything, to fans of the genre, (especially if it's the main genre they played) as it's sales helped shape last gen. As far as FF XIII being the definitive JRPG this gen, I highly disagree, just because it carries the name "Final Fantasy" doesn't mean it gives nostalgic feelings to FF fans. FF XIII, was anything but a FF game, it lacked what previous FF's had. The most definitive JRPG this gen would be an underrated one, like Eternal Sonata, regardless of what people say, the game was innovative. The battle mechanics of the party level, were unlike anything I'd ever see (i.e. the constant button randomizations) Another great candidate for such a title is Tales Of Graces F, which continues the tradition of the Tales series. This issue, is more a PS issue than anything, as JRPGS, were the bulk of PS2 library last gen. Those who transitioned to the PS3 from the PS2, know this all too well.

MoreRPG2107d ago

Japanese developers needs to get out if their comfort zone. Jrpg are really popular in japan but when you look at most of the games they all look the same. Same character design, same cliche story. There are some great jrpg this generation but the rest they are just a waste of time.

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