How the Wii U needs to Wow

In a few days’ time, in the city of New York, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will take to the stage and hopefully show the world exactly what they can expect from Nintendo’s newest console.

Following its announcement at E3 2011 the Wii U hype machine went into over drive in the lead up to E3 2012, but Nintendo’s E3 presentation failed to live up to that hype, (as a long time Nintendo fan I was actually near tears due to the disappointment of E3!), and since then opinion on the Wii U has slid.

Comparisons of the hardware to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, talk of ports of year old games, major publishers still not ‘on board’ with the device and a shrouded release date/price have all damaged the Wii U and now we’re only a few months away from the potential release period. So what do Nintendo need to do on Thursday to show they mean business?

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DivineAssault 1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

I must admit, im very interested in what they have to show.. The price is crucial for it to be taken seriously.. Ya all the fun lil cartoons will be everywhere ranging from E-T but there needs to be footage of M rated games like Aliens, Ghost Recon, etc as well if they hope to gain the respect & support from the other side of the fence.. Same sensor bar for the same wii motes is good & bad.. Nothing really used motion plus in a good way or motion gaming at all... Few games did it then so i hope they dont intend on using those for most of the future multiplayer games..

FlairSomewhere1918d ago

It is quite depressing, the lackluster support for motion+.
By that time I think, most developers gave up.
The only titles I can think of that used it were Skyward Sword, Red Steel 2, WiiSports Resort, and one pack in game called Flingsmash(?).
Oh and The Conduit 2 may have supported the peripheral, as well.

The more they emphasize the GamePad, the better.

FlairSomewhere1919d ago

Any price point will be good, quite frankly.

It will SELL at $249. It will SELL at $299. It will SELL at $349.

One is a bargain.

One gives me a little more confidence.

One gives me even more confidence.

ABizzel11919d ago

Max I'll pay

$249 - $299 console only, 1 tablet controller
$299 - $349 bundle, Console, 1 game, 1 tablet controller, 1 Wii Mote

FlairSomewhere1918d ago

Well 3 AM (US Central Time) will give us news through Japan, and 9 AM will give us NoA's plans.

I feel that $299 is really their sweet spot.

I believe even in this new console generation, it is comparably a step up from where the Wii was at, in its $249 price point.

ABizzel11918d ago

Didn't disagree with you, but I feel the Wii-U is in the same place as the Wii was during this current generation.

The only difference is the Nextbox and PS4 aren't out to show "Next Generation Hardware".

The Wii-U is about as much of an upgrade to the PS360, as the Wii was to the PS2 and Gamecube. Both we're the more powerful consoles, but not groundbreaking.

FlairSomewhere1918d ago

5 disagrees? Cool yo. I was just saying all price points will entice a consumer such as myself. People want it to be a powerful system... but want it to be inexpensive at the same time ...
Well, the more expensive it is the more of a VALUE it represents in the long term.

YoungPlex1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Price, online and games, games, GAMES, needs to be shown, to ensure that the Wii U isn't just the right now system, but the must own system for a long time! The 3DS had great games nearly every month for almost a year now, and well into 2013, but after Castlevania, the future is kind of murky. Wii U needs to have game after game, month after month, without slowing down from both 3rd party and 1st, in order for it to be a huge success. I'm hoping that Nintendo truly learned from the 3DS's mistakes and is indeed launching at a low, affordable price, with a mass selection of, not only launch titles, but a steady flow of launch-window titles as well. Here's hoping that they seal the deal on Thursday; lord knows that they need to redeem themselves after such a dissapointing E3, where they could've seriously stole the show, with titles like Zelda, a true 3D Mario U-niverse, and a massive Metroid title.

timbow19821919d ago

I agree with all of your comments, The Wii U will be the first of the new gen to really face a harder economic crowd.
They need to blow the doors off and show that the Wii U is not only affordable but also a must have due to titles like Metroid, Mario and Zelda.
Skyward Sword has only just come out so I'm not expecting a new Zelda tomorrow but at least give me some Samus action.
E3 was a huge disappointment for me, i was heart broken by the end of it, it was like they werent even trying, which if the murmerings that they may start withdrawing from big events are true you can see why.

The 3DS line up was also a dud, I've only just picked one up because I knew they would release an XL version and I was waiting for a game to grab me, they need to learn the same, millions of people around the world have a Wii, they need to show that those people should upgrade to a Wii U.

jboy1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Totally agree in todays economy it will boil down to whoever can give the most bang for your buck, and ofcourse how well the whole package is executed,
wee know the wiiU is a step up from current gen maby not lightyears but it will be significent enough to notice and with the addition of the tablet control the price needs to be right and the wiiU will sell like hotcakes

"Eat it Fanboys"

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