How Long Until DLC Adopts The Rental System?

Kotaku: With larger hard drives and faster bandwidth, a future in which players are downloading a majority of new releases isn't all that unimaginable since eliminating a retail middle man could make the prospect very enticing for publishers and developers.

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Tempist3667d ago

I seriously can't understand the the angle on this shift to DLC. Why do company think we ALL want to have everything digitally handed to us. I don't.

I think it's a terrible idea. Sure call me materialistic for wanting hard-copies of movies and games to have a sort of 'proof of ownership', but isn't the writers strike in some ways based around DLC?

And the sizes of content are over shadowing the current supplied bandwidth by the ISP. Given the content that can be found and the ammount of bandwidth, it would be like going back 15 years and downloading a entire CD on your 28.8 or 56k.