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Top 100 RPGs of All Time #100-90

IGN - We all like to pretend, to make believe, to daydream. When we do, it's usually not about spreadsheets, laundry or homework. No, we dream of becoming heroes, becoming kings, becoming saviors, and doing whatever we like - right or wrong - while we conquer, save and survive harrowing adventures in faraway lands.

No single genre in video games lets us do exactly this - in exactly the way we want - like role-playing games. The Top 100 RPGs of All Time list celebrates the games that we believe most accurately exemplify the tenants of the role-playing game genre: building characters based on experience earned in the game, scaling combat based on the statistics of weapons, armor and abilities, making decisions - good or bad - that impact the game world. These core fundamentals make up the heart and soul of the RPG, and it is with these values as our guide that we present to you IGN's Top 100 RPGs of All Time. (Culture, Diablo III, Fable 2, Final Fantasy VIII, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, PC, PS2, The Legend of Dragoon, Xbox 360)

Chrono  +   733d ago
Final Fantasy VIII deserves a higher rank.
caseh  +   733d ago
You can't dictate how someone else rates a game in a top 100 otherwise everyone would inevitabley have the same opinions and make such lists common knowledge and therefore, useless.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   733d ago
Oh yes I can.
LightofDarkness  +   733d ago
I disagree, I find it to be a very weak FF, and probably only above the first 3 games because of its superior presentation. The game is a mess. When you consider that it was the game that came right after VII, it was a pretty big disappointment to many. For me, it signified the beginning of FF's decline. Despite many claiming it was Enix's fault, this is the game where it first started going wrong. IX brought things back to a standard, but it didn't progress the series in any way, and from X on it went from bad to worse.

Anyway, there's no point criticising FF games because even XIII has fans that seem to throw tantrums when people say the games aren't as good as other FF games, or even other RPGs. The argument inevitably ends up in "SHUT UP, THAT'S WHY" and nobody is any the wiser.
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Intentions  +   733d ago
-.- I hate it when sites make you click on each one to find out where each game is listed.
humbleopinion  +   733d ago
And the sad thing is they're going to have 10 such list for each round. I don't even bother with that kind of trash anymore.
doogiebear  +   733d ago
Look up above. See where it says "ign+"? Just click that and thumb it down (metaphorically). That'll show them not to keep trying to fish for hits. I don't care if it is a major publication. IGN is a far cry from being the "journalistic" online magazine it once was.
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SirBradders  +   733d ago
FF8 is the bollox one of the best rpg's of my time my rank would be #2-3 ish and thats my opinion people dont hate please im tired.
GrahamGolden  +   733d ago
d3 90's good that game dont even deserved to be there but anw.
TheLyonKing  +   733d ago
Final Fantasy 8 has to be one of the most popular but yet underated rpg's of all time.

The story, I think is unparrarell in any fantasy to date and that includes 7.
lpsquall  +   733d ago
I agree that FF8 deserves to be in higher in ranking. I would of been fine with top 50 but definitely not #97. I am sure a lot of people can agree that FF8 is better than Legend of Dragoon which placed at 95. Another game I am surprised to see at 98 is Shadow Hearts Covenant. That game was excellent and better than Legend of Dragoon.

I am aware that it is their opinion but it is my opinion that I no longer see the need to continue following this list as it already does not provide an accurate account of the top 100 rpgs. Same came be said for G4's top 100 games which was an embarrassment.
doogiebear  +   733d ago
Persona 3 & 4 are amazing jrpg's and have amongst the highest metacritic scores of any game (rpg or otherwise). It single handedly upstarted a small revival for jrpg's again via it's innovative gameplay.

I also loved Breath of Fire 3. Very thought provoking game.
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Relientk77  +   733d ago
I agree, I also hope that Breath of Fire III will be on the list somewhere
HiddenMission  +   733d ago
Breath of Fire 3, Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star 4, Legend of Dragoon, Secret of Mana and Illusion of Gaia are my favs. While not exactly a typical RPG Darksiders is quickly becoming one of my fav RPG's of this gen.
doogiebear  +   733d ago
Hey i love BoF3, but I also own Legend of Dragoon too. However i never got far in LOD because the first hour of the game felt lime a typical generic JRPG. Does things get a lot better later? Is the story intriguing like in Bof3? Does it touch on racey topics (like betrayal, abandonment, religion, political issues) that provoke thought about society? I ask because I wanna go back to it, but dont wanna invest time on a long game of it's story is somewhat generic. Please answer.
HiddenMission  +   732d ago
Yes to all a huge following are waiting for sony to get theit head out of their rear and mske a sequal
silkrevolver  +   733d ago
Yeah, yeah, yeah: VIII deserves higher... but that's just, like, my opinion, man.
izumo_lee  +   733d ago
Well since this list includes Western RPGs i would not be surprised if the number one game on the list is a WRPG like Skyrim, or Oblivion or Fallout.

If this list was ONLY JRPG than yes FF VIII would be higher. I think the Ys series should be ranked higher cause that series has been around for 'centuries' its that old.
Hicken  +   733d ago
FFVIII and Legend of Dragoon are two of my favorite RPGs ever. For them to rank so far down, I have very little hopes for this list.
cpayne93  +   733d ago
I have low hope for most of ign's lists, how did mgs4 on the top 20 ps3 games go from 1 to 14(or something like that) to nowhere to be found? Demon's Souls got booted out too...

Oh well. Not my list.

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