Rumor: Mario Kart- Wii slated for April 10th release

Qj: Rumors centering on Nintendo's upcoming Mario Kart Wii title have been rather numerous the past few days. In fact, we've got a new one already. Don't think this is the last rumor you'll hear about the game, though: according to a juicy tidbit posted on Yahoo! Japan, the game's release date has already been slated for April 10.

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wiizy3818d ago

if that april 10th date is for the u.s then i cant wait... play smash bros and a month later mario kart.

doshey3818d ago

they remade mario kart for the wii???? whats next they going to make super mario kart were now you get to pick from one of our 700 piece of crap pokemon characters

ChickeyCantor3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Including old Tracks + new tracks = more tracks then a normal mario kart thats what Mario kart DS did and its WELCOME( and lets not forget the mirror mode).
New items
new controll scheme.
new vehicles.
online mode.(12 racers!)
its a Fun franchise and there is no problem with FUN.

Danman353818d ago

I just don't see why people go crazy over this, looks like a game cube game. Seriously this looks like double dash... oh well it will sell like crazy a fanboys will say its the greatest thing ever...

olLANDSHARKlo3818d ago

Sorta like motorstorm for the ps3, it's the stupidiest racing game yet ever sony fanboy swears by it.

INehalemEXI3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Any self-respecting sony fanboy is devoted to GT5. Motorstorm was just a fling that displayed the physics and graphics performance the system was capable of.

Zhik3817d ago

It seems you are one of thoose poor guys without any brain - seriously your IQ is probably belov zero. What a pity...

Mario Kart features superior racing gameplay to ANY freaking racing game on the other consoles, and the graphics will kick everybodys a$$ with an incredibly framerate and cute animations...

So you think motorstorm looked good? think again! even Excite Truck delivers a better experience.

May the light of Zhik open your eyes...

SubzeroX3818d ago

Yeah right game not even finished just look at brawl, and how many year have they been working on that?

OC Shock Value3817d ago

Looks like every Wii game with potential gets hated on.. with all the hating looks like ppl that own a Wii are happy.. and dont sit around puttin down every good game from rival consoles.. guess their 2 busy havin fun or somethin.. who woulda thought.. if any of the haters can tell me a funner (Arcade) racer then mario kart.. i would love 2 hear it

OC Shock Value3817d ago

Yea just as i thought.. no response

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