Greece Gamers Want Xbox Live

Gamers in Greece are not able to access the Xbox Live network, but man do they want to.

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Highwayman3792d ago

Good for them, now they can enjoy all the sh!t talking everytime they log in to play COD4.

OpiZA3792d ago

Same goes for South Africa, and i'm sure plenty of other places.

alextz3792d ago

To be more precice, Greece is not officially supported my Microsoft and we have to log on XBL using foreign country accounts and servers. We also can't buy XBLA games since it won't accept our credit cards and MS doesn't sell the point cards in Greece

socomnick3792d ago

So you log in through a uk account ?

alextz3792d ago

UK, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands among other countries.

Dark_Vendetta3792d ago

I thought this would not work because MS checks your IP or anything similar when you sign up. Can you explain me how to do this (it sucks when your not able to download GeOW maps, even if you can buy the game in the country)?

Skywalker3333792d ago

its not that hard actually. you just have to fill in fake info.

put ireland for example. check the net for a post code of a city that you want. then, on phone and adress, put anything you wish.
then u are online.
BUT, certain demos and downloadable content are blocked no matter what.
at least, you can download some and you can play online.

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3792d ago
ASSASSYN 36o3792d ago

Microsoft, needs to get them on so I can kill them online too. The more targets the more fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.