The Evolution of Kratos

Born a Spartan, and raised to become one of Greece’s most formidable generals, Kratos’ iron will eventually collide with the pride of the Greek gods. But what makes this gaming legend tick? We examine the character evolution of one of Sony’s most memorable characters.

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Pushagree2286d ago

God of War 1:Stone Hearted Basterd.
God of War 2:Stone Hearted Basterd
God of War 3:Stone Hearted Basterd.

Real deep character development there.

MattyG2286d ago

Heil Spelling!

OhMyGandhi2286d ago

It's hard to disagree with him.

DivineAssault 2286d ago

when i played GOW 3, i understood his anger & it made the game much more fun to play.. 1 & 2 he was pissed but after that his fury went to a whole new level

Kratoscar20082286d ago

Who needs character development when you can be THAT badass?

DEATHxTHExKIDx2286d ago

If you can end a whole world for revenge thats a pretty solid charcter.