Lost Planet, Assault Heroes follow-ups rated

The Entertainment Software Rating Board continues to break news of unannounced games, as this week the board updated its ratings database with assessments for new installments of Capcom's PC and Xbox 360 action game Lost Planet and Vivendi Games' Xbox Live Arcade cooperative shooter Assault Heroes.

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Violater3428d ago

PS3 version 1 year after?

MK_Red3428d ago

Cool find. The game publishers really should tell ESRB to be more carefull unless they indeed wanted their games to become public like this and before the official announcement.

i Shank u3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

freakin' schweet :)

don't publishers get pissed the ESRB keeps lettin the cat outta the bag?

jackdoe3427d ago

Kind of obvious that there would be a Lost Planet sequel coming out soon. The PS3 port of LP pretty much confirms it. Capcom wouldn't be stupid enough to release a one year old port of a game unless they were preparing one of its audiences for a multiplatform LP sequel. I'm betting that the sequel would have a strong, strong connection to the first, hence the need for the original on the PS3.

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