PAX Prime 2012 | PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Full Roster Impressions by The Game Fanatics

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is easily one of my most anticipated titles this holiday season if only for the ability to play a Smash-like game in 1080p and online. The added bonus is that the diverse bunch of characters beating up each other is great to see and a blast to play. People may still view it as just a clone but try and hold judgment until you play it.

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mi_titan272289d ago

I love this game it is so fun, cant wait till the final release.

DarthBigE2289d ago

I wanna play the Beta!!

princeofthabay2288d ago

what's with the comments on that page?

Capt-FuzzyPants2288d ago

Thank you for mentioning that because I would have never looked at them. Those comments are pretty funny. That is one dedicated troll.

Reverent2288d ago

The last comment is by a supposed girl named Derek... Lol.

Relientk772288d ago

haha these comments are ridiclous thanks for mentioning them. Also ^ like he said a girl named Derek lol