PlayStation All-Stars to Possibly Have Only 14 Levels

DualShock Nexus: During some hands on time with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale last week, I noticed that the game may only have 14 stages. Here's why.

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Relientk771955d ago

I definitely hope it has more than that, like atleast 20

WeskerChildReborned1955d ago

Same, i also hope they have a pretty big player count.

Relientk771955d ago

Yea one of the rumors on here was saying 32 characters, that's pretty cool, thats a high player count

crxss1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

it will be a huge missed opportunity if the game only has 20 or so characters and only 14 levels. i expect at least 30 characters and 29 levels, one for each character universe (minus the two Cole's).

they also need to change the EU box art, they need to put more mainstream characters on the cover if they expect to sell more copies.

MaxXAttaxX1955d ago

That's still a pretty good number.

GribbleGrunger1954d ago

Agreed. I think the 'only' in that title is unnecessary. That's plenty enough to start with and then you'll probably get DLC with more later on

Dacapn1954d ago

I'm just gonna say it. That's one of the most retarded headlines I've seen. To possibly have only? I would have rather seen, "I have nothing to report here" as the title

inb4its2late1954d ago

I would like to see each character have his own inspired level. I think that would be awesome.

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sinncross1955d ago

I dont buy this guys explanation.

Essentially he says:

1) The current build includes 7 levels and a random option.
2) There are still 7 levels to come, and that this 2nd lot will also include the random option.

Now why exactly would they include random level on both pages?

THESONYPS31955d ago

Atleast 30-15 characters aswell, I hope there is a game mode called classic where you have a health bar and the background environment dangers can effect you (falling off stage will kill you, lasers, rockets and things where hades blade can deal damage etc.)

Nimblest-Assassin1955d ago

Hope there is more, they officially announced 6... but with the leak there are 12 levels.

xtremeimport1954d ago

14 sounds pretty large.
then im sure they will release both new characters and levels via dlc...
I'm okay with 14.

NBT911954d ago

Yeah the beta had like four stages, but the thing is unlike MOST fighting games, the arenas on this game transform almost completely by the end of the match... So 14 levels as well designed and fun to play as they were in the beta would be plenty.

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smashcrashbash1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I think we all already knew this. So far according to all leaks and pictures, 14 stages are about the amount I already saw. Fourteen stages mixed with other things. So far I haven't seen what is mixed with Black Rock, Columbia,Invasion, Loco Roco or San Fransisco. Bedsides this stage thing is a little out dated. We already have seen Time Station and this guy is still putting it as a leak.Fourteen stages are a lot especially if the final boss stage adds to it which would equal fifteen stages.

miyamoto1955d ago

PSASBR really needs a good story to make the game more interesting.... just like the Super Robot Wars mash up franchise.

Lucretia1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

story in smash bros is abymsal lol what are you saying??????

its a fighting/party game anyway, the story always sucks.

only blazblue has a good story line


really? cloning smash bros?

So battle field cloned COD? Tekken Cloned Virtua Fighter? Blazblue Cloned Streetfighter?

Forza Cloned Gran turismo?

Sonic Cloned Mario?

seriously man, its called a genre

Hicken1955d ago

You are right that BlazBlue is one of the few fighting games out there with any real sort of story, but he said Super Robot Wars.

You're also right about things not being a "clone" just because they're in the same genre.

Heavenly King1954d ago

MK is he only game with a good story mode that is not convoluted.

Irishguy951955d ago

Since All stars is most comparable to Smash stroy is required at all. Wouldn't mind one but since they are cloning Smash bro's I doubt they'll do a decent one;

Scrafty3691955d ago

This isn't really a clone of Smash though. I'm a hardcore Smash fan, and I see many differences. The two game are really only similar enough to be under the same genre. Not much cloning going on.

zebramocha1955d ago

@Irish Thrill kill did 4 player simultaneous combat,out foxies had dynamic battlefield and marvel vs capcom was the first game to have mash up of characters from different games.

GrahamGolden1955d ago

another nintendo fangirl
whats the matter ? buthurt ur not alone in the game anymore ?

u realise all stars combat are made by vets of mortal kombat and street fighter right ?

think before talking craps like this
and if u even tested the game u should know it is played way differently

Kur01955d ago

he said Robot Wars you numbnuts. Its a mashup of different mech series from Japan.

miyamoto1955d ago

Tee Hee

3 numb skulls disagreed

People seem to forget that CrossOver Stories in comics (X-men, Batman vs Predator), movies (The Avengers), & video games (The King of Fighters, X-Men vs Street Fighters), etc, etc, are a BIG draw to people & keeps everything alive, kicking and interesting.

NBT911954d ago

I was about to say the same thing. It does not even LOOK like he said Smash Bros.

Qrphe1955d ago

That would certainly be great but I doubt we'd get something like that from a game like this.

It's easier to pull good stories from SRW games because most of the franchises used dwell within similar themes (in the crossover sense [make a bad guy, a robot!]).

miyamoto1955d ago

Yeah that will be a sad missed opportunity afaic....I was thinking more in the vein of Namco X Capcom and Neptunia series.

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ZeroChaos1955d ago

I'm I the only one who thinks that the amount of characters and stages is already pretty big?

I know we would love more but there already a shit tons of stuff.

Outside_ofthe_Box1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Yeah the character list is huge and they don't even have all the "must" have characters yet.

14 stages is good enough for a first outing of a franchise in my opinion. I was expecting 10-20 stages so I'm not disappointed with that. I just want Cloud, Sephiroth, Sora, Snake, Crash, and Spyro to be in the game personally.

mafiahajeri1955d ago

Umm 14 is alot I would want more obviously but its not a bad thing. Especially since everyone is dynamic and changes...

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