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ziggurcat2282d ago

oh no... get ready for a poorly-coded, boring experience!

000012282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Fallout New Vegas was great, the only thing that game suffered from was having the same aesthetics as Fallout 3. And the new South Park RPG looks very promising. Also adding to the fact that the creators of South Park were and have been picky about its outcome and portrayal, so i think that says something about their confidence in Obsidian as a game developer. developers get better over time and it always helps when they have more money to work with to develop a game as well.

MysticStrummer2282d ago

Who mentioned Bethesda? I kid. I actually just finished Alpha Protocol and, though it had it's problems, I thought there were a lot of great things about it. I hope to hear of a sequel at some point.

AnotherProGamer2282d ago

Fallout 3 - 3 year dev cycle
New Vegas - 1 year dev cycle

Kotor - 3 year dev cycle
Kotor 2 - 1 year dev cycle

you can see why there were problems with some of their games.

DasTier2282d ago

and yet Fallout New Vegas was far superior to Fallout 3. Go figure.

MattyG2282d ago

I saw the 4 and thought maybe Fallout 4, but a) Bethesda is going to be doing that and b) this seems to be a fantasy game.

Trenta272282d ago

How are you so sure it will be Bethesda doing it?

MattyG2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Ok, I should have clarified, I'm not 100% positive (nobody is since it hasn't been announced yet) but it just seems like Bethesda will develop it since it'll be a number sequel and not a spin off. That statement was more of an assumption (and hope).

Greyslash2282d ago

Dungeon Siege 4 maybe? I'd love a new Neverwinter but I doubt we will be seeing that.

Dark112282d ago

Can't really say that i'm excited , especially after fallout new vegas and Dungeon Siege 3.

mistajeff2282d ago

Dude, new vegas has some of the best writing of this generation. Especially the DLCs, which tie the events of the game back to fallout 2 in an exceptionally clever way.

Abdou232282d ago

I'd like a more advanced & polished Alpha Protocol sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.