‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter’ ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Bin Laden DLC: Shameless or Smart Tie-In?

Ben Kendrick of Game Rant writes: "Electronic Arts is promoting ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter’ with new ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ movie tie-in DLC – promising players can ‘lead the hunt for Bin Laden’ but is that a good thing?"

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PockyKing2287d ago

Knew an editorial like this was coming. They changed the name from the Taliban to the Opposing Force with the original Medal of Honor. This time they aren't backing down on this stuff and I'm glad.

taquito2287d ago

wonder how many months after the game is out the premium content set for $50 will be out with 4 maps every 3 months


Thanks Bethesada and your [email protected]%ING horse armor, you freaking ruined gaming!

SpartanQ82287d ago

looooooooooooooooool made my day man.thx

KMCROC542287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Hell yeah i want to lead my team on the hunt, hope there's a Achievement for a head shot or center mass shots.

topekomsi2287d ago

Absolutely, if they do it realistically this will be better than shooting Castro in black ops.

KMCROC542287d ago

Maybe even better than that Sniper Elite bit about shooting Hitler as he ran to a train.

topekomsi2287d ago

@KMCROC54 Ohh hell yeah that was the ish.

TekoIie2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Author clearly hasn't seen the interviews talking about how the game will put a focus on the families of the soldiers -_-

The character in the trailers Has clearly seen something that has affected him and to completely ignore that and claim that the game will do the opposite is bad journalism...

MattyG2287d ago

I think it's actually a pretty smart move. I just wish it was a single player mission. Now THAT I would definitely buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.