What’s Wrong with Easy Mode?

Danielle D of explores the benefits of "easy mode" and examines the cultural stigma that may surround it in her response to the Alex Hutchinson's comments about easy mode as well as the reaction some gamers had to the idea of Dark Souls getting an easy mode.

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GTRrocker6662286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

No challenge at all...

I always thought easy mode was for kids and people with disabilities. If you are a fully functioning person you should play on normal and above. Thats imo though. People should play how they want, but my favorite part of gaming is the challenge. Some people might play for just story... who knows.

Jirachi2286d ago

By that logic people should never play normal if a harder mode exist.

GTRrocker6662286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Theres a big difference between normal and easy. With easy mode most of the enemies just kinda stand there.

Lord_Sloth2286d ago

I applaud you for not saying it needs to be denied to those would would like it. Most of the community just says toss around noob, scrub, and a few other phrases which inflate their own egos.

I loved Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Personally, I wouldn't use an easy mode but I'm not in the habit of denying others their fun. I think this game should have the option of receiving a wider audience. Share the wealth, right?

versusALL2286d ago

Easy Mode is for pussies!

199935682286d ago

Easy Mode: Running into a group of enemies and fighting/shooting them.
Hard Mode: 90% of the time you're hiding behind walls, trying to hit the enemies around the corner by popping in and out.

MrDead2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

When I get a game I play easy first then normal mode then hard (if I like the game). Easy is good for me to get comfortable and learn the game.

Easy mode is good for people that are just getting into gaming too..... and some people just like to play games for the story, like my mum

sincitysir12285d ago

I agree I want to enjoy the game before I'm cursing sky high because the game hates me and wants me to suffer. Ninja Gaiden should replace my broken wall not me.

YourFlyness2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Nothing, if you dont want to use it then dont.

If it doesnt take away from the development of the games, I dont care if developers throw it in

Quadraxis2286d ago

It completely depends on the game and what aspects are focused on this. For example, D. Souls games should NEVER get any difficulty settings, while games like Skyrim are more than ok with it.

Adding easy mode cheapens the Souls experience, while in Skyrim, it allows you to enjoy the rest of the game.

vickers5002286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

"Adding easy mode cheapens the Souls experience"

In your opinion. And remember, not everyone will share it. Some people may like the Souls series for entirely different reasons than you do.

While you may enjoy the challenge of overcoming a frustrating challenge in which you died a bunch of times and had to replay a level over and over and over again to get perfect at it and eventually conquer it, not everyone enjoys it.

Some people hate that aspect of gaming, no matter the game, and since that element of Dark Souls isn't the only good thing about the game, the experience wont be cheapened to those who hate the "replay something over and over again to get better" aspect of gaming.

Those people will simply enjoy the other good things about Dark Souls even more, like the unique and awesome weaponry and loot system, the awesome environments, great enemy design and AI, fluid and spectacular combat, the immersive, dark, brooding atmosphere, the sound design and score to the game, because surely the difficulty and challenge isn't the only good thing about the game is it?

You can't decide or make assumptions for other people about what they will and wont enjoy about the game.

People get enjoyment from different things. Hell, there are some people out there that buy games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 for the SINGLE PLAYER, and never even touch the multiplayer. I don't understand it at all, because I personally can't see how anyone would enjoy it, but they do, and I have no right to tell them what to enjoy, or make assumptions that they wont enjoy it.

It's all about options. As long as the easy difficulty mode in no way shape or form transfers over into the hard, or 'real' mode, then nobody should be upset about it. And I'm sorry to say, but if you're against an optional easy difficulty mode, then you're an elitist snob(again, assuming it has no effect on the hard mode), simple as that.

Quadraxis2286d ago

Let's be honest here, what else is there in the Souls game besides the famous difficulty? what happens if we get rid of the "oh god finally killed that boss" sensation by adding the always present option of an easy mode? these games are not for everyone, and catering to them would cheapen the experience for every other fan.

By adding an easy mode, they are adding an option for players who shouldn't be playing the game in the first time, taking a hit in the gameplay. If it's not for the gameplay, why else would anyone play it? the games would be short, its characters meaningless and the plot would be barebones for everyone who doesn't pay attention to it.

You said it, it's all about options, but those options take away the tension of the game, the very core of what makes these games great.

admiralvic2286d ago

@ Quadraxis

Please... get off your high horse. Since when does an easier path cheapen the actual experience? Maybe if it was a glitch, but the game doesn't magically become meaningless because there is an easy mode.

As far as the "unworthy" gamers, maybe you should pay attention to the games difficulty. Demon / Dark Souls isn't hard because you're expected to do unrealistic tasks, fight vastly over powered enemies or anything of the sort. The game is hard because you have to take it slow and you can always get attacked out of nowhere. An easy mode could do something very minor like make items cheaper, recover more health, or just make generic enemies weaker.

In the end, just because you give up at a challenge, doesn't mean you should demand it doesn't exist.

vickers5002286d ago

" If it's not for the gameplay, why else would anyone play it? the games would be short, its characters meaningless and the plot would be barebones for everyone who doesn't pay attention to it."

The difficulty is not 100% of the gameplay. The gameplay is also the controls and the combat, the AI, learning enemy attacks and timing, stuff like that. Modifying enemy damage from "one hit kill" to two or 3 hits to kill you does not take away the gameplay.

And the plot and characters are already that way in the Souls games, so there's really no danger of the plot or characters getting worse, they can really only get better.

The gameplay doesn't magically go away just because they add an easy mode.

rpd1232286d ago

But you don't have to play on the easy mode, therefore the Souls experience is intact.

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